• Why Vegan? Short & Simple!

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    Why go vegan? My top five reasons here! This video is super short so please give it three little minutes of your life! Things I would add now/realised after I made this video/general notes/thoughts about this video: Is it just me or do I sound awfully patronising in parts of this video? I'm really really sorry, that wasn't my intention at all, I was honestly just speaking my mind off the top of my head because I didn't use any notes or anything and I wasn't focusing on my tone at all so please don't feel offended by the tone of my voice at times; please forget who's saying the message just focus on the message being said!

    Basically there are a few things I forgot to say because I was trying to condense the message and make it short so things I would add now include: At the very least, it's wrong to cause unnecessary suffering to animals for reasons of pleasure, habit or convenience, which are the only reasons we have for using animal products. If we have any other 'reasons', e.g. 'canine' teeth, it's still unnecessary to cause suffering to animals and we should still be vegan because why not choose peace over violence?
    Also, the problem with speciesism is that because of nonhumans being another species, we are objectifying and using them. We would never think it's okay to do to humans what we do to them. Similarly (not saying it's the same ;)) to how e.g. white people wouldn't enslave white people the way they enslaved black people back in the day and men wouldn't objectify men the way they objectify women so that's why race-based slavery is racist and gender inequality is sexist. Of course our world is still full of discrimination but when it comes to humans, most people see that it's immoral.
    With racism, one race is the property of another. With sexism, one sex is the property of another. With speciesism, one species is the property of another. Discrimination can be described as treating another sentient being as your property. That's why it's wrong to use animal products, we're objectifying other sentient beings. It only matters that they can feel pain, because of that we have to have a good reason for harming them, which we don't. Okay that's enough for now!

    It's easy to be vegan! Making a committment is at best very easy and at worst, completely worth any inconvenience.

    Be Vegan Make Peace! Check out my other videos and like my 'ClareIsVegan' facebook page please! Show less
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