• Simply Green - Duração: 10 minutos.

    • 9 anos atrás
    • 5.148 visualizações
    Since I've been getting a lot of question about where and how I film, in the beginning I showed yall where I filmed and how I get the good lighting.

    I did a VERY SIMPLE TO DO eye tutorial using...
  • Gold & Blue eyes - Duração: 9 minutos, 12 segundos.

    • 9 anos atrás
    • 3.242 visualizações
    I made a video focusing on the eyes only. Using Gold and blue colors. It turned out pretty nice although the blues looked more like greens in the end. But it still turned out quite well. I hope you...
  • MAC's Sculpting & Shaping Powder REVIEW - Duração: 10 minutos.

    • 9 anos atrás
    • 10.074 visualizações
    One of my blog reader, Julie, requested me to do a review on MAC's sculpting and Shaping Powder, so here it is! In the beginning of the video I mentioned that I didn't like the scuplting powder bec...
  • How to conceal dry undereyes - Duração: 7 minutos, 59 segundos.

    • 9 anos atrás
    • 11.667 visualizações
    I've been seeing/getting a lot of question about hot to conceal dry undereyes so I made a video on how I do it. I hope this helps! Let me know if it worked out for you!

    Check out my blog @ chic...
  • REQUEST- Fergie big girls dont cry acapella - Duração: 3 minutos, 52 segundos.

    • 10 anos atrás
    • 847.107 visualizações
    At the time, I wasn't able to listen to Fergie to get the right pitch so then I ended up singing a little lower. Sorry if it tends to sound a bit tedious, however it is only because there is no in...
  • How I fill in my eyebrows - Duração: 7 minutos, 6 segundos.

    • 10 anos atrás
    • 31.167 visualizações
    Someone accidently took off too much of their own eyebrows and asked if I could help. So this isn't really a tutorial (kind of), I'm just showing you all how I fill in my eyebrows everyday. This is...
  • Green/Yellow *Doll Face* - Makeup Tutorial - Duração: 4 minutos, 9 segundos.

    • 10 anos atrás
    • 14.905 visualizações
    This tutorial was another one of my experiments. If I may say so myself, I think it turned out PRETTY! I also turned this crazy fun "doll" look into a more calm and subtle look! Check it out!
  • Purple - Makeup Tutorial - Duração: 4 minutos, 47 segundos.

    • 10 anos atrás
    • 1.931 visualizações
    This is a tutorial using different tones of purple! Many people find it hard to work with purple when using more than one tone, but you will see how easy and beautiful it can be! I hope you all fin...
  • Cat Eye - Makeup Tutorial - Duração: 5 minutos, 18 segundos.

    • 10 anos atrás
    • 73.530 visualizações
    This tutorial is by request. I've never done the cat eyed look before so I guess you can call this the cat eyed look experiment. And I'm aware that I've got a few typos in the tutorial so please fo...
  • Red/Black (purple) - Makeup Tutorial - Duração: 2 minutos, 56 segundos.

    • 10 anos atrás
    • 3.785 visualizações
    This is my first time EVER doing a "tutorial".. so please feel free to give me any tips or advices on making a better one if needed. I hope you guys enjoy it!
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