• What Megaman's SSB Taunt SHOULD be!

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    Fan-made animation of Megaman in his Super Smash Bros. garb doing his taunt from Marvel vs. Capcom. https://www.youtube.com/wat......
    Admit it, now you too kinda' wish Nintendo would make this into one of Megaman's taunts. =^p


    (None yet...)

    Questions that will inevitably be asked eventually:

    Q: Why did you make this / what the heck were you thinking?
    A: When I first heard that the "Mega Upper" attack was going to be in Smash Bros., I got super excited! I absolutely LOVE using that move in Power Fighters! ^~^ ♥ The video I saw it announced in said the move originated from Marvel vs. Capcom, so then I thought, "if there's one other thing I really like about Megaman in MvC, it's his taunt," which led me to, "wouldn't it be awesome if Nintendo used that taunt, too?" I figured they probably wouldn't though, and if I wanted to see him do that with his Smash Bros. design, I'd have to animate it myself. And... Well... I decided I really wanted to see it!!! X^D

    Q: Do you realize this taunt isn't actually in SSB?
    A: Of course it isn't, that was kinda' the point. I wish it was! ^‿^ I would SOOO use it! =^p

    Q: *[insert nitpick about his appearance and/or armor details here]*
    A: Notice the date I posted this? That's several months before the game was even released! Detailed reference pictures available to the public were in kind of short supply at the time. I had to make do with what I had, which was trailers and promo materials. -_-'
    Nowadays when I draw his Smash armor, I typically use my Amiibo for reference.

    Q: How did you make this?
    A: I sketched out 3 drawings with pencil and paper, scanned them, "inked" and colored them on my computer, then edited those 3 "keyframes" to make 16 different individual frames.

    Q: How long did it take you?
    A: About a week, working diligently, only taking breaks to eat and sleep. Man, I'm slow! T^T

    Q: What software did you use?
    A: Drawn in Macromedia Fireworks 8, sound and bg added in Macromedia Flash MX 8. Sound recorded with Audacity.

    Q: Did you use a pen/graphics tablet?
    A: Yes, a Wacom Intuos 4.

    Q: Where did you get that Smash Bros. logo?
    A: I made it from scratch with Fireworks.

    Q: Is that your voice?
    A: No. It's an actual recording from Marvel vs. Capcom.

    Q: Where did you get that sound file?
    A: I recorded it from a PlayStation 2 using a TV with a headphone jack on it, an auxiliary audio cable, my computer's line-in port, and Audacity.

    Q: How did you get it without background music?
    A: I turned off the music through the in-game options. ;^)

    Q: Is there an easier way I can get that audio clip?
    A: https://www.sounds-resource......

    Q: Why doesn't he have any shading?
    A: It took me a WEEK as it is!!! I honestly considered not even drawing it in color. X^b

    Q: Do you realize your drawing bends at the waist farther than the Marvel vs. Capcom sprite?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Why does he bend over so far?
    A: I dunno, it just kinda' turned out that way. =^/

    Q: Why would he stick out his tongue?
    A: Because it's funny! =^p

    Q: What did I just watch?
    A: I dunno. YOU'RE the one goin' around clicking on 4-second videos. ¬‿¬ Show less
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