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    Directed and produced by ©Chantal Harvey2015.
    I am not broken
    I lost my head
    I was left behind, forgotten
    I alone am Robi

    Robi. Pronounce: Raaabi.
    The meaning of the name is `Brilliant, Illuminated Fame, Bright Fame, Famously Famous, Bright Famous One, Shining with Fame"

    Robi is an optimistic little robot, left behind on a deserted planet. She explores, happily, always finding new beauty - and hoping to find a new head...
    ART: Mistero Hifeng flickr.com/photos/incognitadelmistero/
    MUSIC: Alexander Blu - 'new day' alexanderblu.com
    AVATAR: Web Gearbox
    PRODUCTION: Chantal Harvey chantalharvey.nl
    SET: Cammino e Vivo Capovolto , Blossom Land

    Filmed in Second Life, trademark of Linden Research, inc Minder weergeven
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