• Phoenix Wright: Remnants of the Past (Promo Trailer)

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    Welcome to Phoenix Wright: Remnants of the Past! This is a fangame-in-progress with a slowly building team of artists, music composers, voice actors, programmers and other assistance.

    You're watching the promotional trailer for the project, which was created by immo-love.

    Q: What is the project in a nutshell?
    A: It's to be a fully playable 5-case fangame based on the Ace Attorney series.

    Q: Can I play this on my DS and will it be a purchasable product?
    A: The game will be completely free, but only available on PC, as it uses a program called AIGE/PWLib to run it. It's going to be a game by fans, for fans.

    Q: What is the progress like? When will it be done?
    A: This is a question I can never give a proper answer to. The project has seen several hiatuses due to unforeseen circumstances and mere lack of available time for production, so promising a date is not a good idea. What I can say is that it's being worked on whenever there is time by a solid and slowly growing team.

    Q: What's taking so long?
    A: Please understand that the ambitions for this project are huge. We're working on a brand new soundtrack for the game. I have to script the entire story and all of the dialogue, and the programming team has to format it all into coding for the program itself. The voice actors need to be carefully chosen and will require their own time to record lines. Everyone's on their own unique schedules, so production moves as it does. On top of that, we've got a very talented artist producing artworks for the new characters. At the end of the day, everyone here is working on the project for free and taking time away from getting paid to produce it.

    Q: Voice actors in my Ace Attorney game? I dunno about that...
    A: I understand your concern, and have already considered this (remember that I'm also an avid player of this series). As such, I can say that we've got a plan for a theatrical version of this game and a standard version for those who enjoy the original format. We do have very talented voice actors for our growing cast, so we hope you'll give them a chance; they've been carefully picked out of hundreds of auditions.

    Q: How can I help?
    A: We always appreciate new help, but require certain types of it. We need programmers who can use the AIGE engine with PWLib. We're looking for talented voice actors. And even if neither of those fit what you're able to do, spreading the word about the project and informing people of why production moves slowly as it does will help get the word out, whilst avoiding any discouragement. For inquiries about programming or general queries, please send an email to thomas081891@hotmail.com, and for voice acting details, please visit this page: http://voiceactingalliance.......)
    We're now also looking for a potential video editor who is proficient in Premiere Pro/After Effects, Sony Vegas or Final Cut Pro.

    Q: Where can I get the most up-to-date information on the project?
    A: It used to be the thread on Court-Records Forums that provided the information alongside the GyakutenWiki, but nowadays both of those sites have slowed down dramatically. As such, I have created a personal page on my blog where I'll be updating information regarding anything about the project. Check back at this link: http://hiroi-sekai.com/proj......

    Thank you for your support, and thanks for sticking with us on this. Show less
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