• Granada ITV Sport. Results 1990

    7,288 views 1 year ago
    This is ITV sport results, full show from 1990 on ITV Granada network. With host Elton Welsby. Starts with an oracle advert. Notice the wonky camera at 5:53 Lol

    I have the ITN news next after this from same time 1990. Show less
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    • Central News East 1994 - Duration: 19 minutes.

      • 4 months ago
      This is Central News East and local weather after ITN News at ten with Trevor McDonald 1994. :-)

      Starts off with one great advert, Then National ITV weather. Then some, whats on central and ident...
    • Central ITN News at Ten, with Trevor Mcdonald 1994 - Duration: 30 minutes.

      • 4 months ago
      This is the excellent, News at Ten, with Trevor Mcdonald, from 1994.

      The adverts were about 5 mins long so cut them down to about 2 adverts and included some excellent central bits logos idents co...
    • Wicks British Open with Nick Owen - Duration: 4 minutes, 10 seconds.

      • 4 months ago
      This is just the last section of the wicks British open, hosted by nick Owen. End credits and some Granada as well and with one advert. Nick Owen was a former TV am presenter.

      The ITN Saturday new...
    • ITN Saturday News and Sports Results - Duration: 22 minutes.

      • 4 months ago
      This is, ITN Saturday News and Sports Results, in full and weather at the end. :-) This was after the wicks British open with Nick Owen. Two adverts to start of with.

      After this is Granada news an...
    • Granada News & Weather, after ITN Saturday News & sports results - Duration: 3 minutes, 10 seconds.

      • 4 months ago
      This is Granada News after ITN Saturday News and Sports Results.

      Granada news was right after this, no adverts. Did you notice the error at the start where they played London tonight audio for a f...
    • Brookside Friday the 13th, in full - Duration: 1 hour, 36 minutes.

      • 5 months ago
      This is Brookside Friday the 13th in full. Brookside audio and video content, copyright Channel 4 ltd.

      I did that at the start and is not part of the main video. :-)

      This has taken me many days,...
    • BBC2 Ceefax 2 - Duration: 28 minutes.

      • 5 months ago
      This is BBC2 Ceefax 2 and leading onto learning zone. BBC2 indents and introduction of next programmes on the learning zone.
      This is more modern version of Ceefax.

      I have uploaded a learning Zon...
    • BBC2 Learning Zone, Key Skills, After Ceefax - Duration: 29 minutes.

      • 5 months ago
      This is a programme called. key skills which was right after BBC2. Ceefax 2 before this. :-)
    • The international Air tattoo 1991. Noel edmonds - Duration: 11 minutes.

      • 5 months ago
      This is about the first 12 min of, The international Air tattoo 1991 with Noel Edmons. :-)

      This short clip was a test to see if anyone likes this. I do have the full show but due to lack of views...
    • ITV Granada Harnessing Peacocks - Duration: 14 minutes.

      • 5 months ago
      This is only 15 min of Harnessing peacocks on the ITV Granada network.

      Starts off with one advert then Granada continuity with Granada announcer.

      You can watch the full programme in higher quali...
    • Harry Enfield & BBC News intro - Duration: 28 minutes.

      • 5 months ago
      This is some harry enfield and really funny sketches. It's not the full show but starts off from a new sketch. Then some BBC and ends with BBC news intro. This has the balloon clock but the old BBC...
    • Mars Bar advert 2 - Duration: 61 seconds.

      • 5 months ago
      This is one of the may mars bar adverts. This is, have you got it.
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    • Wiz Bit - Duration: 9 minutes, 36 seconds.

      • 6 years ago
      Video copyright Wizbit Productions. Please visit
      http://www.wizbit.tv http://www.hande.org/

      This is Wiz Bit from the CBBC. I never watched thi...
    • Highlander. Duncan MacLeod kills richie - Duration: 9 minutes, 48 seconds.

      • 6 years ago
      Here is some more clips from the highlander tv series. In this one duncan is fighing demons but he kills his friend richie. This is from the end of season 5.
    • Family Fortunes. Part 1 - Duration: 10 minutes.

      • 6 years ago
      This is the good old Family Fortunes. It was recorded from challenge. I prefer this version and before. Les dennis was the best, as I don't really like the new one with Vernon Kay. Sorry :-)

    • Highlander Opening From Season 4 - Duration: 104 seconds.

      • 6 years ago
      This is the opening from the tv series, highlander season 4. I like highlander including the films. This is a different opening from others on here and this one I like the best.
    • Ready brek advert - Duration: 44 seconds.

      • 6 years ago
      This is an old Ready brek advert.
    • Bullseye, full show 2 - Duration: 24 minutes.

      • 3 years ago
      This is a full episode of classic bullseye I recorded from challenge. This was recorded in central studios in broadstreet Birmingham, now demolished. Stars Jim Bowen.

    • Wheel of fortune 1. Part 1 - Duration: 12 minutes.

      • 3 years ago
      This is a full Wheel of fortune game show episode. I found this while looking through one of my hard drives. I recorded it in 2007 from challange.
    • Cadburys roses advert. Thank you - Duration: 44 seconds.

      • 6 years ago
      This is one of the many Cadburys roses adverts. I Always remembers theses adverts and are one of the best. Thank you, very very very very much. ;-)
    • Family Fortunes. Part 3 - Duration: 5 minutes, 45 seconds.

      • 6 years ago
      Family Fortunes from challenge.
    • Family Fortunes. Part 2 - Duration: 8 minutes, 25 seconds.

      • 6 years ago
      Family Fortunes from challenge.
    • Wheel of Fortune - Duration: 9 minutes, 3 seconds.

      • 6 years ago
      This is the last part of wheel of fortune with John Leslie.This one is from about 1999 2000.

      This was not 100% as the sound was not great but the end of the show is not too bad. It's watchable. :)
    • Farewell The Bill. Part 1 - Duration: 14 minutes.

      • 5 years ago
      This is farewell to the bill. The bill will no longer be on our TV screens. This is a Documentary.

      This video is the copyright of the respective owner.

      From wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki...
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