Yup this is my channel... Get over it.
Yup this is my channel... Get over it.

I don't have many videos because:
A) My Ideas suck
B)My Ideas involve tanks and WWII dive bombers... or something like that

Ugh I hate the offseason they should outlaw it. ROFL

Favorite sport:Football!
Favorite Teams/ Players
NFL: Isn't it obvious? Jason Elam!
MLB:Colorado Rockies, Todd Helton
NBA:Denver Nuggets, Carmello Anthony
NHL:Colorado Avalanche, Joe Sakic
NCAA:Penn State all the way baby! Darryl Clark, Talor Battle
AFL:Colorado Crush John Elway (Coach)
AFL2:Scranton Wilkes-Barre Pioneers J.J. Outlaw
Minor League:Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees, Sky Sox
MLLacrosse:Colorado Mammoth,Philadelphia Barrage

RIP Nick Adenhardt
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_____@___@__@ this to make a stand
@@@_____@@@ against drinking and
_____@_______@ driving.
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