Brett Keaton Curry
  • BrettCurry aka Keaton: Compilation of Flips & Freerunning

    163,987 views 9 years ago

    Here is a list of every single move that is performed by me in this video:

    One step Wall flip
    Dolphin Vault (New)
    Backflip above camera
    My highest kong to Pk roll
    High backflip
    Two hop wall flip
    Back handsprings to back flip
    Big drop precition
    Longest front flip
    One handed Palm flip
    Another high backflip
    Long precition
    Three step wallflip
    Kong to Reversal
    Four step wallflip
    Round-off Back handspring Back flip
    Turnover underbar
    Double footed wall flip
    Big Double Kong
    One step palmflip
    Round-off Flick double backflip
    Round-off flick triple backflip
    Tumbling on solid floorboards
    Grass Tumbling
    Standing Double back off vault
    Kong to cat
    Double B-Twist
    Standing Double backflip outside
    Double front flip outside
    Triple side flip
    Long jump
    High backflip
    Triple front flip
    Standing Double back flip
    Half in back out
    180 frontflip to double back flip
    Double Gainer
    Double front flip
    Double twisting backflip
    Big precision
    Triple b-twist
    360 Kick the moon/Cheat Gainer
    Double reversal
    180 cat leap
    Downwards cat leap
    Precision to drop
    Upvault (new)
    Gaizer (My signature move)
    Upwards stair clearance
    Long front flip
    Kong vault
    360 Palm spin
    Stair and Rail clearance
    Kong to Pk roll
    Jump drop pk roll
    Long jump fence clearance
    Jump pk roll
    360 rail wall reversal
    Cat leap
    Left and right sideflip
    Wallspin back handspring backflip
    Round-off Double backflip
    Kong to pk roll
    Straight backflip
    Round-off flick tuckback
    360 wallflip
    Double footed wall loser
    Pop wallspin
    4 step Trinity flip
    Down monkey flip
    Front in half out
    Half in back out
    5 step wall flip
    Kick the moon.

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