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  • How to Solve the 3x3 Rubik's Cube | Really Easy Beginner's Method

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    So... I just bought my new Rubik's 3x3 Cube today on July 17 when I show you how to solve it.

    Rather than thinking of the cube as 6 faces x 9 stickers per face = 54 colored squares to put in the right places, think of it as 20 moving pieces (8 corners each with three stickers + 12 edges each with 2 stickers) and 6 centers. While the center pieces can rotate about an axis, they are fixed and don't move with respect to the other centers. Therefore, the center piece of a face must define the color of that face when the cube is solved.

    As with any cube, the Rubik's Cube is a platonic solid with 6 sides and 6 colors. On an official Rubik's brand cube (which I have), white is opposite yellow, blue is opposite green, and red is opposite orange. If your cube was bought in the US yours will probably be the same. If you have an older cube or a Japanese cube, you may have a different color scheme. So when I refer to yellow stickers toward the end of the tutorial, just keep in mind that on your cube, it will be the color opposite of the side you started with.

    A common beginner mistake is trying to solve the cube one face at a time. Not only is this highly inefficient, it is extremely difficult. There are many different methods to solve the cube. The system described here is an easy to learn layer by layer method with very few algorithms or movesets to memorize that is especially recommended for beginners. The only major algorithm is the one that is used to permute our corners.

    This is similar to the method made by the Rubik's company. However this guide shows how to solve the daisy first just in case of trouble lining up the non-white sides of the white edges with their center.

    *Important* If 1 or 3 edges are oriented correctly or 2 edges need to be swapped or 3 corners are oriented correctly then your cube is impossible to solve.

    0:18 Parts and Pieces
    1:35 Notation
    2:55 Scramble
    3:21 Daisy Cross
    4:12 White Cross
    5:24 First Layer Corners
    7:50 Second Layer
    9:49 Yellow Cross
    11:37 Orient Yellow Corners
    13:51 Permute Yellow Corners
    16:15 Permute Yellow Edges
    17:20 Last Few Turns
    ==Parts End==

    *Where to Get Cubes*
    Aside from being found in toy stores, you can find Rubik's Cubes (including exotic ones like the 2x2 and 4x4) online at:
    Rubik's cubelets are small parts that may present a choking hazard for children under 3.

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