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753 views 8 months ago
This is a trailer to my channel for all those non-subscribers out there. My channel features funny videos from pranks on my roommates to more serious videos of me reading the Word of God. There's a little mix on my channel for everyone. For anything good you see in me... to God alone be all the glory.
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Exercising with Andy Play

Tired of working out at a gym? Tired of paying silly fees for equipment and DVDs that you barely use? Turn on Channel 422 (if you're a Time Warner Cable basic user in NKY) Tuesday evenings at 8pm and Sunday evenings at 5:30pm. Check out "Exercising with Andy"! Make sure you're wearing workout attire though, because it'll get tough. Oh and by the way, it's FREE to watch


Survive & Conquer Play

This playlist features all of the episodes of Survive & Conquer as well as some extra material. Jeff and I created Survive & Conquer one night while we were chillin'. We do plan to continue it one day, but we have been so busy with life. I hope you enjoy all of the episodes!

The Boss Play

I lived in a house with five other guys for about a year while I was in college. These are several videos that we did while we lived together. It was the best year of my life. I love every single one of the guys. Six brothers all united in Christ.
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