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  • And I suggest you read the Bible, the book that is the infailable word of God. The Bible all religions seem to take from and put into their own books the name of Jesus. Jesus is the originator of creation.When Jesus prayed in the garden before His crucifiction He said,"Father let me return to the glory that was mine before the world was". The Quoran(false doctrine) takes the name of Jesus from the Bibe to put in the Quoran. The Bible doesn't put Mohommad into it because Moh is evil.

    Quran Burning Issue: Terry Jones vs World

    • by RT
    • 3 years ago
    Rev. Terry Jones, the leader of a small Florida church which adopts anti-Islam philosophy says he is determined to go through with his plan to burn copies of the Qu'ran on September 11 in an intern...
  • Right on! Keep people informed!

    Obama Leaves "By their Creator" Out of Declaration of Independence at Hispanic Caucus Speech

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    Here is video of President Obama speaking to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus on Septembe...
  • Jokes on you. The Holy Bible is the book used for all of our founding documents of this Nation. So to come here, Muslims dare not expect to place their false God or religion above what has made our nation great. Your God Allah has only left you with sand and fallen ruins. So you run here to push tolerance on us, when you burn our book of love(Bible) & cut the heads of Christians off on national tele. We will allow you here, but not your hate book. Father,Son,Holy Spirit is our God.

    Islam Billboards Chicago -

    Alhamdulillah, All Praise be to Allah, Islam billboards are glittering the skies of Chicago, USA, sharing the beautiful message of Islam with humanity. Please support this campaign by making suppl...
  • Beware Eagel County! The words he speaks immediately put up a red flag when he says, universal ,no matter sexual preference etc is. Muslims have a way of using words to smoothly gain power. This guy is hungry to move Muslims forward to control America. So don't be fooled like we did with Obama. No republican is for gay marriage so therefore should not have an opening line condoning it. Yeah Co is an open access state, but not for Muslims. Their Quoran has goal of destroying usa & Israel. No Go!

    Muhammad Ali Hasan Eagle County Assembly Speech 2008

    Muhammad Ali Hasan's speech at the 2008 Eagle County Assembly of Colorado, USA. Hasan is the Republican nominee for Colorado's House District 56 in the 2008 election cycle.
  • Lets see FREEman,,seems by your name, you like your freedom. If someone is trying to kill you they must be stopped.I think we can agree to disagree instead of hatin on me. So although murderers deserve death, waterboarding is very way to be sure to get out the truth.As far as the Bible,its a love letter to those who love God; otherwise your reading someone elses mail.Only Gods spirit can show you His love is real.And the only way to know is to ask God to prove it to you. yur valuable

    Jesse Ventura vs. Fox & Friends, Smacks Down Brian Kilmeade's Torture & 9/11 Propaganda

    UPDATE February 10, 2010:
    British ruling releases memo on 'inhuman' treatment of Guantanamo Bay prisoner
    "After a lengthy legal battle, the British government was forced Wednesday to release in f...
  • You are a dead American if you continue to be blinded by the fact that Muslims are not a good religion. All religions are inheritantly good, but when a relgion is out to kill all those who will not believe in their God and to destroy a nation like Israel; they are a danger to a good nation like the USA where you can believe as you please, with no mandates. Go to u-tube muslims in Britian, muslims in America. Band the Quoran from entering U.S.A. before they yell Allah in yur backyard

    Mayor Bloomberg Discusses the Landmarks Preservation Commission Vote On 45-47 Park Place

    Mayor Bloomberg Discusses the Landmarks Preservation Commission Vote On 45-47 Park Place
  • America has one God, the Father, Son,&Holy Spirit &we will not let your Holy book ofhate &killing of unbelieversor jews comeinto our nation any longer. Americans awake and ready. Jihad which is no longer hidden from us has reached in end in thinking they can conquer Our Godly nation.WE ARE THE GREATEST NATION on Earth & if you don't like it then leave.Anyone who respects our God is welcomed here even you but the book of hate,your holybook isnt going to be allowed here. It is evil and cultic.

    Ft. Hood Shootings- Worst And Best Of America On Display

    Id like to speak with you for a few minutes today about the tragedy that took place at Ft. Hood. This past Thursday, on a clear Texas afternoon, an Army psychiatrist walked into the Soldier Readine...
  • aliYAH4GOD, I don't understand why you would place the statement,"Yeshua is the torah," Yeshua is God the Father. Isn't the torah the muslim belief?

    THE PRODIGAL 1/8/09

  • To realize Jesus died even for you, is to realize what a loving God we have who only wants to reconcile us unto Himself. To bless us, to let us know that He is who He says He is.That hole in your heart you just can't seen to fill or have peace, so you lash out at everything good & praise all things that are bad, tells me your soul is up for grabs. Only Jesus can save you from yourself, satan and your discontent. Romans 10:9

    The "Obama Abortion Ad"; The Super Bowl Ad Rejected By NBC

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