• White Girl Raps Fast (Bailee Moore) (HD) [Re-upload]

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    ORIGINAL UPLOAD: http://www.youtube.com/watc......

    Hey it's bailee..
    Killing everything on the daily..
    That's how my momma raised me..
    So quick with the lips
    chop and rip apart quick
    any beat that you lay me..
    Blame me for putting to rest
    the debate of the female that is best..
    I erase the competition
    take a break when no one's next..
    Stop, how'd I even get up in front of a microphone?
    How did I know you would like this song?
    Princess on the scene goin' after a dream
    Take the crown from the queen like no one's home..
    It's, simple silly..
    I keep it real, I'm so nearly,
    too honest on topics
    Just so you can see the real me..
    I'm telling you, fast rapping aint as hard as it seems,
    you could go hard as me,
    If you tried..
    I lied..
    Are you kidding me? I'm a bar killin' freak.
    Fire flow, sparking the heat..
    Smiling soul with the heart of a beast.
    Walk down the street with a beat in my headphones
    bumping, i'll be freestyling...
    So damn fly, I don't need styling..
    Nailed that flow, you need filing..
    Honest tho, I'm just so flattered
    you bitches wanna be like me..
    No sympathetic shit
    that's pathetic if you wanna challenge me come and get it bitch..
    I am, I am Bailee Moore from Cleveland,
    I ignore them when I hear..
    Girls cant rap, that's funnay.
    Diss me, spitting in a dumb way..
    let him hate tho, while I look so dope
    where I walk becomes a runway..
    ooohhh , How you like me now..
    And you see that it's goin down...
    I promise I won't ever stop..
    Not until I reach the mountain top
    of the game, I'm talkin' Everest,
    I want an avalanche when my album drops..
    Damnnnn she so cold...
    She'll freeze any mother fuckin challenga,
    Never seen so much damn talent, she'll
    pass the game in a minute, have ya catching up
    Yesss, the apocalypse of rap,
    shocked ciritcs can't believe what happened,
    drop their jaw
    As I walk off tall,
    Like I know I'm the best of this rap shit.

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