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    Sorry. I know it's been SIX MONTHS. we lost our computer in the move and I sure as hell wasn't gne try to type on my phone or tablet. Im back now for good, no worries.

    Roc's Pov

    I guess Yn forgave me....... or not, because she helped me with lyssa's diaper. "Yn?"
    "yeah?" "Im sorry its just that I love you all. of course im gonna be over protective. I have a family now. its time for me to grow up and be a man. my father couldn't protect us like I protect yall. I didn't mean anything I said. And ill be damned if I let him, or ANYBODY else hurt my family. Understood?" I asked/said. She smiled and nodded. I leaned over and kissed her. she kissed back. I Pulled back. "what now?" she asked. "Were gonna go home and be a family. If he still following us by the time we get there. were gonna ride towards the police station. Deal?" I asked waiting for an approval. "Deal." she said shaking my hand. " I Love you." we both said at the same time. "I love you too" We both said laughing. We put the twins back in their seats and pulled off. I feel like country music right now. I know the right station. I turned the sation and dirt road anthem came on. (yeah I LOVE country music. so what) " Yeah im chilling on a dirt road. laid back swerving like im George jones." I sang in my famous country voice.

    Yn pov
    The fuck? I turned it to hot 107.9. Bitch don't kill my vibe came on. I started singing. "ok so how you gne sit here and change the station. THEN sing-a-long, killing my vibe. not cool babe. not cool" I couldn't help but smiled. I looked in my rear view. he want behind us anymore. maybe chres was right. he was probably going to the same place we were. "Chres, he's not behind us anymore." I said relieved. "see pookie, you worry too much." "im just stressed the fuck out. too much for my body to handle." ii said relaxing on the seat. " how about in a week or two, i'll send you on a vacation. you know, like a spa or something. why don't you go with ya friends. i'll pay. you deserve it." he said caressing my hands. "what about the kids. what about work. what about you?" I said in a stressed tone. "yn I got that. all you need to worry about is where you wanna go and how long you wanna be there." "why cant you guys come with?" I said crunching my eyebrows. I got no reply. we pulled up in our drive way.

    Nobody's pov
    Hours passed and everybody was knocked out. yn was passed out on the living room floor, roc was in the nursery with cj and lyssa.

    Weeks Later.

    "Call me!" I yelled as yn pulled off. okay. super daddy time. yayyy. I was on the couch chilling with my babies. Show less
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