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    Achilles Davenport, 1755

    I have never felt such helplessness. Always, there had been something I could do. No matter how hard I had to try, to struggle for the outcome that I wished for, I could do something about it. I could fight.

    But not now.

    Every day they slip farther away from me as the Slow Fever burns ever more intensely within them. My beloved, beautiful Abigail and my dear Connor...are dying.

    I did not think that their sickness might take their lives. It wasn't that that I had been denying the possibility. I just hadn't even considered that there was one. It seems like only yesterday that they were still healthy, whole. That night I had brought Connor to the roof of the manor, as my boy had always loved stargazing. Maybe that had been unwise, as the night air had been chilly.

    Only the morning after, Abigail had fallen ill and a day later my son had caught it as well. The symptoms had started out as a mild thing, causing them to tire and develop headaches but I thought little of it.

    Then things got worse. A fever took the both of them and soon became dangerously high. I took leave of my duties in the Brotherhood to take care of them, but there was precious little I could do. I could only sit at their bedside and ease their suffering. Could only watch and hope that they recover.

    Now I fear that they never will. A part of me understands that I will probably lose them. Both of them. That part of me urges me to brace myself for what must come.

    But I can't. I can't give up on them. There is no future where I can live without them. They are the world to me.

    I hold on to the hope that they will pull through because there is no other option.


    I cannot stand the silence. It has a certain weight to it, settling into every corner of the house and it is suffocating. There is no way to dispel it, no way to breach the surface to take a gasp of life-giving air. The silence is complete, immutable.

    Abigail and Connor are gone, and all that is left behind is the silence. I am alone.


    I watch the light of the candle's flame dance off the surface of my blade, taking my attention away from the blank paper in front of me waiting to record false, useless words. I should say something. Praise my brave, beautiful wife who had supported me through this world of blood and shadows. Explain how much of a light my son had been, a shining beacon in the dreary fog of violence and death.

    But they would be empty words. Nothing I could put on paper could ever describe what a precious thing it was that had been lost with their passing. What is the point of speaking praise over their graves, to people who would not understand?

    My blade. I can see a faint, distorted reflection of myself within its depth. Flawless, except for the scratches that had accumulated over its use, so clean and free of the blood that it had shed so constantly.

    I saw in this blade a way I could escape this silence. If there was no surface, no air, then what was the point in swimming up? I have taken so many lives that I have lost count long ago. What did it matter if I took just one more? The easy glide of metal through flesh, momentary pain, and it'd be over.

    What an easy solution it would be. Whatever waited beyond death's door could not possibly be worse than this impossible, empty, world. I could simply close my eyes and give up, leaving others to continue floundering in the waves.

    Others who need me.


    I stand at the cliff with the graves of my family behind me.

    Continue reading part 3 here:

    (YouTube doesn't allow more than 5000 characters in the video description.)


    The story is written by Yiminxue Zheng

    The first and third piece of art are made by Matthew Watts

    The second painting is made by Shenae Guzzardi
    You can watch it being painted here:

    The music is made by Andy Fransen

    The tracks "Helpless", "Breaching the Surface" and "A Gasp of Air" are available for download there.

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