• Shadowpriest Solo [The Lich King] 25 man

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    At long last, no King rules forever!

    Character: Aevar-Blackrock EU (ilvl 510)

    Special Talents:

    Divine Star
    Desperate Prayer
    Angelic Feather

    This is by far the most insane Boss i've done in my Wow career. The Fight is very intense and you have to be fully concentrated over 15 minutes.
    It took me roughly 150+ trys and tons of gold.

    Phase 1 is completely retarded. The most common wipe reason was the Necrotic Plague, which despawns randomly or jumps to me multiple times. Then the
    incoming damage from the Lichking + adds is insane. You just cant tank them the whole time, you have to kite them a bit to survive this. And infest
    was just annoying ... You should have killed every add till the first transition.

    The first Transition requires a lot of DPS and luck. You have to kill the spirits as fast as possible while getting silenced very often and you normally
    dont have any cooldowns here because of phase 1. This is after Phase 1 the second most common wipe reason.

    Phase 2 is not freeloot as most of the people think (though its the easiest of the fight). At the beginning of the phase you have to handle the silence + infest
    which is deadly most of the time. The Lich King does a lot of damage with soul reaper and you have to be carefully with your mana and dont waste
    too much cooldowns here, you need them for the second transition.

    The second transition is a nice DPS race. You have to kill atleast 2 spirits when Phase 3 begins and the others must be killed immediatly when phase 3 starts.
    Keep your cooldowns for this!

    Phase 3 is nearly won. Just kill the other Raging Spirits and survive / outrange the Vile Spirits and damage the Lich King as much as you can, because
    the enrage timer is very tight.

    (Im sorry that i can't tell everything i made, my english is just too bad for this, but i hope you can roughly understand what im trying to say = / )


    Faces (Original Mix) - Ashley Wallbridge & Andy Moor Feat. Meighan Nealon [AVA Recordings]
    Alex Morph - Walk the Edge (Woody van Eyden remix)
    The 13 Brotherhood - Martyr Complex
    X-Ray-Dog - The Vision
    Audiomachine - The Prophecy (no choir) Show less
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