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  • AzureHowl Sneak peek episode 8

    10K views 2 months ago
    Here is a video that shows animations + screenshots for the future episode of AzureHowl. Now I made this vid for one reason only, to hopefully reach through people that I am working on it! I get comments about the episode on a daily basis, people as long as i'm not stating a video anywhere that says i'm stopping I won't! The episodes take a lot of time! The backgrounds are improved, I have put a lot of effort in the animations so yes making an episode takes long.

    Aside from all that, I have daily life to worry about too. I am really busy and honestly don't blame artists that have stopped their series, life is important and you have to focus on that, getting a job, going to school! Time on AzureHowl depends on my own free time. Aside from that I have rescued a stray pregnant cat who had 7 babies, who then got an infection which left me to bottle raise some of the kittens. So yes I have been extremely busy . I also have spend a lot of time working on commissions to earn money since AzureHowl isn't gonna pay stuff I need XD Anyways please have patience, yes I am working on the series c: Good news though the episode is gonna be split in two! I noticed that the current storyboard was twice as much as the last episode, which was an episode that had more than 20 minutes! So I decided to split it in half. Anyways if you did read this, and you would like update video's I might reconsider doing them! Remember I had this comment once, a person asking me or telling me some animators finish work faster, obviously these animators have time which I lack. Any animator that can upload frequently has time that's how simple it is. When I was younger I could upload stuff a lot faster too due to the amount of free time.

    Another "annoying" comment I got a couple of times was "WHY DO YOU MAKE MAPS WORK ON THE EPISODE" , yeah a comment like that makes me go like seriously don't eat me! Map animations can be used for future episodes so in a way you can say it saves me future work c:

    Also please follow me on DeviantArt, I update a lot more on that site, i'm more active there and a lot of the things in this video have already been shown on DeviantArt.

    Also do not ask me when the episode will come, and do not think this video means the episode will be there next week or so. Like I stated all above it depends on how much free time I have, atm I don't have a ideal pattern daily which means working on it can be difficult.

    Have a nice day!

    Deviantart = http://azurehowlshilach.dev...
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    Official Site = http://azurehowl.weebly.com/
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