• Digital Love Audition Music Video

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    *Note* Nexon Audition has migrated to Redbana Audition which can be found here!

    This video has won 1st place in the Superstar contest at nexon.net!
    I'll be getting an 8gig IPod Nano and the video will be featured on Nexon Audition's myspace frontpage x3

    This is a music video I made for the "Audition Superstar!" event at http://audition.nexon.net

    Song is "Digital Love" by Lola Fair & Baby J. here's their myspace http://www.myspace.com/lfbj You can purchase their song on i-tunes. link is provided on their myspace page cover =3

    I tried making this video relate to the lyrics and tried to put some story in it. Everything in this video is done for the story of the music video. HENGBOK and Violet are in game characters that are coupled and married. HENGBOK is my character and my best friend is Violet. We are not really coupled and married lol.

    Basically from the beggining it's HENGBOK missing Violet as he looks at her picture.
    The next scene he is dancing alone crying and has a flashback of when he calls Violet and talks about meeting nexon on the cellphone(decided to mention Nexon in there since this is a nexon event). he then has flashbacks of dancing with her when she was around.

    Next part where HENGBOK is walking through scenes with girls in the background shows that he is still sad that Violet is not around. Girls would be all over him and try to take him but he just keeps on going and stays with Violet as a couple showing he still cares.

    next scene is jsut upclose and has text goign by trying to just match the music by texting how he feels. in this he has a new set of clothe on showing that time later has passed. after that, Violet's picture shows up and HENGBOK's soon after showing that they were coupled in game.

    again the next scene he walks by and this time its flashbacks of another time when they had matchign teddy sets which is then followed by a flashback of being in wedding clothe.

    next scene is Violet up close singing and has the wedding congratulations picture goig into the background showing that they were married and how she also misses HENGBOK.

    Next is another singing scene where it shows a flashback of when they were the first "1st rank" Couples ever in Nexon Audition.

    in this scene it shows Violet dancing solo crying also missing HENGBOK. Soon later it changes to her current outfit showign that time has also passded.

    Next is a brief flashback of what they were like back then to this day.

    Next is the two walking and then meet up in suprise and get all happy and hug lol.

    on a side note the flashes are of the characters in thier outfit that are to show up in the next footage. sorta a break in where its trying to say "later on" lol

    -many thanks go out to Violet for helping making this story for the video and Kyoki-Zaraki for saving and sending me replays of the footage here with both HENGBOK and Violet that have no arrows =3 i also have major thanks to Lola Fair and Baby J for the great song that they made(which i purchased from i-tunes) and Nexon for hosting this awesome event for the community =3

    some pink blotches showed up when saving the video in movie maker.. not originally there but it shows up =/
    Took many ingame screenshots and edited them in photoshop. 95% of the edits were characters being cropped so that i could move them around on a background without having another background in the way. Not only that but since i couldnt record the game thro my computer using programs liek fraps, i had to try my best with screenshots to make the video still look good in quality.

    Rocorded replay dance footage with a video camera facing the monitor. Then used pinnacle catpure hardware to record it to my computer for editing.

    I used Sony Vegas to create this video. Took me a while to figure out how to use this. Show less
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    Videos from when Audition was with Nexon America and now with RedBana

    visit audition.redbana.com to download the game and play for free =3
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