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Alex Niedt

Alex Niedt - Don't Forget To Tip Your Bartender (HD)

10,113 views 3 years ago
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Music video inspired by David Lynch & Hype Williams and directed, shot (Canon 5D), and edited (Sony Vegas) by Zac Eubank:

Song written, performed, produced, and mixed by Alex Niedt. Mastered by Brad Blackwood.

Copyright 2010 by Alex Niedt Music


You buy a drink and she smiles at you
You're a sucker so you make it two
You recite each of your lines on cue
Her body language says your time is through

Tell her that you really wanna dance now
Oblivious that you don't have a chance now
Desperate and too afraid to branch out
She thanks you for the drink but says she can't now

And don't forget to tip your bartender...

She drops the drink and you feel it crash
You stick your hand in the broken glass
Nothing you can find here can last
You feel nothing as she brushes past

Standing at the bar with your cash out
Won't anybody help you pull the glass out
Can't hear anything above the mass now
And you're stumbling around about to pass out

And don't forget to tip your bartender...

Now you just wanna find your car
Don't know where you parked but it can't be far
You left your debit card at the bar
And you're forgetting where the hell you are

You just wanted someone to be close to
Either both lying or you're both true
Either loving or you're both used
Maybe another time but tonight you lose

And don't forget to tip your bartender... Show less
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