• Building Blocks - The Math Learning App

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    Children typically learn math for less than 2 hours a week in school. How does this learning translate to a practice session at home, but in a fun and intuitive way?

    Building Blocks, a fun learning app, is here to help children practice math any time, anywhere!

    Try it, let your kids test it, and do share your feedback with us! #BuildingBlocksApp #MathAtHome #MathApp Mostrar menos
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    Has math ever been fun and easy to learn?
    It has been since 2015, with the launch of Ganitha Kalika Andolana-Akshara foundation's flagship programme.
    What started off in 7500+ govt. schools across Karnataka has now spread to 16,500+ govt. schools in 14 districts (Karnataka and Odisha), impacting 850,000 children.
    How does it really work? Here's how. These are just two of the many concepts that are taught using the #math kit.

    Do spread the word and help us take this movement to every state in the country, in order to increase learning levels.
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