• Tyske Ludder ╬ ''Über Euch'͜' ♥†*

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    SONG: "Über Euch"


    RELEASEDᴇuтscн|and: 2OII


    01. הר הבית
    02. Tempelberg
    03. Eugenix
    04. Wallfahrt [betonkater-edit]
    05. Diaspora
    06. Der Androgyne Held
    07. For Their Glory
    08. Konstanzphaenomen [edit]
    09. Nur Ein Traum
    10. Ueber Euch*
    11. R.A.S.S. [minus-vier]
    12. Reiscraecker
    13. Abgesang


    14. Merciless
    15. Abgesang [northborne-remix]
    16. Maschinenstar [minimal]


    Tyske Ludder is formed: in Saxony, Germany [1989]

    The phrase "Tyske Ludder" directely translated means...
    "German Whore" in Danish and Norwegian and was used:
    "In those Countries" to describe a native Woman, that was
    "Romantically Involved" with a German Soldier during WW II.



    MORE: INFOS, ABOUTyske Ludder [english] version

    Text-Quelle: http://www.tyske-ludder.de/......

    In the beginning of the 90s Tyske Ludder set the course for their work as pioneers in the european E:B:M and Darc*Electro scene. Coming up from the Wave- and New-Romantic scene they developed very early their meditations on the predominance of technology in our society. Nightmarelike visions of the then-raging war in Yugoslavia as well as the recurring military enforcement of the United States' claim for world domination represent the other thematic constant in the work of the German Whore. Through the years their musical model developed from heavy Electro-Sounds to some kind of ominous dance music somwhere between Industrial and the aroma of a nuclear blast.

    In a unique melting procedure the band around vocalist Albert-X was again and again able to produce avant-industrial dimensions of sound which very often divided the followers into two enemy camps.
    That is how altogether three album originated in the mid 90s. The scarce live gigs of the four electro-activists constitute the third column of the concept of Tyske Ludder.

    At the beginning of our new millennium it has become very calm around Tyske Ludder. Disagreement on the further development of the band's musical blueprint and colliding conflicts of interest made this step necessary. In 2004 the band started working on new material and in the same year they were back on stage. Since November 2005 T.L belongs to the blackrain-family and released their new album „Sojus“ the fans watched out for a long time. The limited first edition, including a bonusmaterial disc, was sold out after a few days.

    Only some months later ,in autumn 2006, the first 3 albums were re-released even with several rare and amazing bonusmaterial that was also available as a 111 limted trinity box.

    On the „Wintergewittertour 2007“ across Europe T.L. took the credit for their activities.
    In April 2008 the new ep „SCIENTific technOLOGY“ appeared playing with red hot topics again.

    The Resume: T.L. 2OI4 "Never-ending story"


    0==][::E:n:de/text/gut::... gut, alles ( good: )

    P.Seine Persönliche´Sache:

    Alter Falter, bevor ich mich hier [kurz] mal´zu den "abgefuckten Kommentaren" bzw. zu einigen "Nazi-kommentare" äußer, da denke ich so: bevor ich überhaupt auf so Scheiss Anspielungen von irgendwelchen "No Name Cyberpissern" und ähnlichem Abschaum reagiere, naja da geh ich wohl besser fix mal kurz [heimlich] ablachen, doch falls ich dabei nicht tot umgefallen bin, dann gibt's Nen Nach'schlag aber mit Manner'sahne. So lange könnt ihr Cybernuckel ja? gerne "Über Euch" genießen, aber bidde auf "H.I.Volume VI" /!V.2:be:continued: -N!K- .de/zember 2ol4 :Part: iI|I!

    +Ich lach: "Über Euch'͜'


    +Plus Google+Menschen, wie "öhm" der Öhmer &´so, mit! Du²
    +Schade, dass die "Zeichen @ MyTube" begrenzt sind, ansonsten...

    Naja, dat: Kall'z: öhm-glöck*, also: leck mich Du?*glücklicher, kl. Cyber´spinner.de/lux/3;)
    P.S.Yääh, Nix: Nada is Ökey, eh! & für Öma öhmehr's 0h! Oh-malx1, da gibt's X-trarare`n´achschlag:Pt.II...

    2.1.Somit! [auch] 'Nen' -X-tra: http://www.youtube.be/streQ...
    2.2:Part:"Freund:schaft?" du Öhmer-kamerad:part/apart/mento-oHo;) Show less
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  • 0==][::absurd:minds::... εÏз* Play all

    Serve or Suffer & Fairy Stories з!ε | εiз

    Detonating Bombs...

    Fire! Everywhere...
    Extraterrestrial Scum...

    The Enemy [outthere]:::...

    Hand me a gun, there is flesh
    That is a body and! that's a hole
    Hand me a gun, to make a hole
    Hand me a gun, to satisfy my soul

    The Enemy [outthere]:::...

    We need some 1. . .
    To show the evil inside
    Aliens in space - so kill them
    It's your right!

    We need someone...
    To show the evil inside
    Aliens in space - kill them
    That's your right!

    The Enemy [outthere]:::...

    It! was something on Tv
    And! i can't stand it! any longer

    Fairy Stories...

    Maybe it's wrong what we think
    And! what we do, we don't care
    We know the others are capable
    Of doing this too, smallminded hybris

    We miss reality...

    Take aim and! shoot

    0==][:::e:::n:::d:::... of the lyrically Part!

    Dark Electro from Dresden [germany]

    0==][:::t:r:a:c:k:l:i:s:t:::... Serve or Suffer

    o1.) The King
    o2.) Human Bomb
    o3:) Interconnectedness
    o4.) Deficit Mindset
    o5.) Pendulum Swing
    o6.) Eternal Witness
    o7.) Serve Or Suffer
    o8.) S[hell]s
    og.) Countdown
    1o.) Tear It! Down
    11.) Enter You
    12.) Somebody +lyrix:
    13:) Holier Than You²

    0==][:::e::n::d:::... of Album Tracklist!

    Favorite:Songs:by It'self...

    14.) Creators +lyrix
    15.) Regain The Throne +lyrix
    16.) Masterbuilder [plastic-mix]
    17:) The Fokus*
    18.) Septic /!\/
    19.) Essence +lyrix
    2o.) 2 Forces +lyrix
    21.) The Question +lyrix
    22,) Fairy Stories from "Deception"
    23:) A Man Received The Answer +lyrix
    24.) Body
    25.) The Gash!
    26.) I Feel Alive
    27.) Silence... can be fateful +lyrix:

    0==][:::æ::n::d:::... ... . . .A´Speciallist!

    vı. . . ...
    v. . . ..
    ıv. . . .
    ııı. . .
    ıı. .



    ABSURD MINDS - The Focus [ lyrix:]

    How can i reach it!


    When i will obtain it!?

    Now tell me...

    How can i realize me on this plane?
    How can i fulfill myself?
    I'm still waiting a long time
    I wanna know, i wanna live to see
    How can i reach it?
    How can i realize me?

    Like every night...

    I go to bed and! dream a dream
    The greatest-dream there is...
    I'm lying here but! i'm there
    I'm diving into the scene...
    I'm diving into the scene...
    I feel the might inside of me
    It! feels so real and! now i understand
    I'm diving into the scene...
    I'm diving into the scene...
    Now i'm in the focus of my dream
    I'm in "the focus" of the scene!
    Now i'm the master of my dream

    A godlike act
    I create creation
    I experience it!
    Then i disintegrate it!
    I'm the viewer, the one
    Who creates creation,
    To experience it!
    And! then disintegrate it!

    I throw it! away...

    My Ignorance
    My Stubborness
    My Limitation
    My Conceit!

    I throw it!
    Into the fire
    And! i burn it! up
    So i can feel the heat
    I do wonders, i can fly...
    I reach the deepest point...
    Then i touch the sky...
    I do wonders, now i can see

    °Cause i reach it! ´cause i realize me.

    0==][:::e::n::d:::... of the lyrically Part!

    SUPPORT! THE BAND, if? you liked:it!




    *зÏε ı s official finished:byз:BY3:(:6-zoıз:)
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  • 0==][:::centhron:::... ♥†* Play all

    SECHStunden+X-trem ± ınjektıon ◄ ♪♫ ►

    ◄ CENHTRON ╬ ASGARD 2oI3:)

    01. Fuck Off And Die
    02. Viking
    03. Zombie Nazi Babe
    04. Dr. Fuck You
    05. Cyberlady
    06. Slutbutt
    07. Lamia
    08. Panzerfaust Tyr
    09. L'etat C'est Moi
    10. Asgard
    11. Ich Bin Ein Gott
    12. Draugr
    13. Untitled [bonus] ♥†*


    14. Leitwolf
    15. Kopfschuss
    16. 666
    17. Gang Bang Dolly
    18. Atomschlag
    19. Cunt
    20. Die Stalinorgeln
    21. So Sterbe Ich
    22. Kind Des Wehrmuts
    23. Dominator
    24. Hoellenhunde
    25. Faust
    26. Slave


    27. WK III
    28. Bitch Of Dreams
    29. Dreckstueck
    30. Orkan
    31. Die Sphaeren Von Ost
    32. Cleopatra
    33. Godmachine
    34. Fast Blast
    35. Kaltes Fleisch
    36. Roter Stern
    37. Testosteron
    38. Seelenflug Im Rotbereich
    39. Die Galeere

    ◄ CENTHRON ╬ GOTTWERK [2o06]

    40. Einheit C
    41. Gasman
    42. A Tergo
    43. Wotan -E-
    44. Graue Front
    45. Cen - Die Botschaft
    46. Aeterna 6
    47. Va § Gina
    48. Ich War So Frei
    49. Gottwerk
    50. Leichenreiter
    51. Eisenfresse
    52. Sein...Zeit...Ende


    53. Front Angel
    54. Troops Of Deride
    55. Gleichschritt
    56. Schwarze Fee
    57. Gott: Du Schlampe
    58. Traumkaempfer
    59. Schwanenflug
    60. Geist
    61. Tanz Im Sternenfeuer
    62. Lichtsucher
    63. Menschenmaterial
    64. Friss
    65. U-166

    ◄ CENTHRON ╬ MELEK TAUS [2o02]

    66. Troops Of Deride
    67. Gleichschritt
    68. Front Angel
    69. Gott: Du Schlampe
    70. Flames In Eden
    71. Machine's Supremacy
    72. Tanz im Sternenfeuer
    73. Melek Taus
    74. Geist
    75. Menschenmaterial
    76. Firerealms
    77. Schwarze Fee

    ◄ CENTHRON ╬ -X-TRA'Specials + Dank

    78. Amok
    79. Einheit C
    80. 666 [official]
    81. Asgard [live] 2OI3
    82. Zombie Nazi Babe [live] 2OI3
    83. Dr. Fuck You +lyrix: & Danke by N|K

    ◄ Mehr Infos: www.centhron.de ▲ ╬ -иıк-


    Nö, these arent Lyrix from Centhron.
    Nein, das sind keine Centhron-Texte.▼
    And? ■assking* or begging for it*T.HANKS


    Einst schwor ich ein feierliches Geloebnis, in Odins Namen und meinem Leben. Das Schwert zu heben, mein Haupt nie wieder zu beugen, den alten Werten entgegen zu streben...

    Nach Asgard will ich streben & dort als Einherjer leben, zur Ehre & Ruhm Wotans

    Heil den Asen! Heil den Vanen!
    Goettinnen und Goetter unseres Landes und unserer Ahnen! Himmel und Erde habt ihr geordnet, Midgard erhoben und mit Heil erfuellt. Ihr gebt Leben und Liebe, Lust und Kraft, Willen, Weisheit und Wachstum der Welt. So wie die Ahnen Euch ehrten, laßt es auch uns tun! Fuer all eure Segnungen sagen wir Dank und vergelten Gabe mit Gabe. Gewaehrt uns auch weiter, was wir erbitten und lohnt unsere Treue... Mit! Treue. So! war's bei den Ahnen, so! sei [es] bei uns, denn...

    Thor, dein Hammer sei mir Zeichen!
    Unheil und Verderben muessen weichen! Hoch im Norden, dort wo Asgard liegt, Thor ueber das Unheil siegt! Im Osten die Sonne erwacht, Tag fuer Tag nach jeder Nacht! Der Hammer im Sueden die Staette weiht, heiliges Blót mit goettlich Geleit! Im Westen beginnt die Nacht, doch Heimdall stehts ueber uns wacht! Hoert ihr hohen Goetter, was ich von euch erbitte: Schutz und Weihe fuer diese heilige Mitte.

    Ich trinke auf euch, all ihr Hohen, in Asgard, in Wanenheim, in den heiligen Bergen und in den Grabhuegeln! Moege euer Segen Midgard erfuellen, und moegen eure Namen auf immer erinnert sein: Odin und Frigg, Thor und Sif, Freyr und Freya, Tyr und Eir, Njoerd und Nerthus, Balder und Nanna, Ull und Skadi, Heimdall, Forseti, Fulla und! auch Loki, der fuer sein Lachen gepriesen sein soll, solange seine Lippen der Luege verschlossen bleiben. All ihr Alben, Idisen und Landgeister, gebt Heil und Hilfe, ihr Segensreichen! Schaut wohlwollend auf mich und erleuchtet den Weg, auf dem ich wandere, denn es ist der Weg meiner Ahnen! Heil Odin und! unseren Goettern.

    BLUT'Schwur: "Auf ændlose Treue"
    Ztnerk Ocın*²°¹³

    ◄:Playlıst created:by ╬ Sınful-land*²°¹³*³*³
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  • :\\//\\//:and: 1 9 0==][:::wumpscut:::... ♥†* Play all

    :\\//\\//:ANDERE:R: ^♠^
    :WUMPSCUT: Gabi Grausam 2OI3:)

    Fühlst Du den Schmerz
    Die Kälte im Herz
    Der Winter in mir
    Gabi Grausam

    Alles tot

    Du warst es
    Du bist es
    Du wirst es
    Immer sein

    Fuehl ich den Schmerz
    Die Kaelte im Herz
    Den Winter in Dir
    Gabi Grausam

    Siehst Du das Ende des Weges
    Das Fehlen des Segens
    Die Sonne versinken
    Die Sehnsucht ertrinken
    Die Hoffnung verlieren
    Den Atem erfrieren

    :WUMPSCUT: Madman Szpital (2OI3:)

    In my kingdom,
    I'm the king on my throne
    All my wisdom is ammassed all alone
    If you want to join me follow my will
    Otherwise leave me alone on my hill

    "Ich halte ihn fuer gefaehrlich."
    "Er ist nicht psychisch gestoert."
    "Aber er ist gefaehrlich!"

    "Also nicht psychisch gestoert?"

    "Nein, das ist er nicht."

    "Ich halte ihn fuer stark psychotisch."
    "Trotzdem meine ich, dass er krank ist."

    "Nein, das ist er nicht."

    "Ja, durchaus."

    Madman Szpital

    I got every I need
    My toys, my food, my people
    Here in my house by my dead spouse
    That I killed by chance
    Here in my padded room
    Where lovely ideas bloom

    Best idea is staying in
    The best even for the whirled
    Better you go, waving goodbye
    It's Dog-Eat-Dog over the world

    :DURATIONation: I 4 : 2 9 : 4 3 :\\//\\//:

    :W:UND'Salbei bei Boeser Made im Bad:

    :W:AND'Schmuck fuer Bad & Made by :R:

    :W:W:W:WUMPSCUT:DE & wumpscut.com
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  • :\\//\\//:and: 2 0 0==][:::wumpscut:::... ♥†* Play all

    :\\//\\//:ANDERE:R: ^♠^
    :WUMPSCUT: You Are A Goth [2OO7]

    This is your life*

    In which you thrive
    And: you achieve
    And: you retrieve
    The bone you get
    From your adept
    Without disgrace
    This is your race



    You will get old
    As you are told
    By older men
    Oh yeah and! then
    You will get asked
    To lift your mask
    And! you decide
    About your last ride



    Will you ever, change your life?
    Will you never, feel alive?
    Will you never, see the sun?

    You are always,

    *0n the run³

    :WUMPSCUT: Homo Gotikus Industrialis

    Long before you! appeared...

    We remained in our graves
    Then T.G. brought the change
    The extent for the goth

    Now you have caused

    Homo Gotikus
    Homo Gotikus
    Homo Gotikus
    Homo Gotikus
    Homo Gotikus Industrialis, Industrialis
    Homo Gotikus Industrialis, Industrialis
    Homo Gotikus Industrialis, Industrialis
    Homo Gotikus Industrialis, Industrialis





    Now you meet in the hall
    In the pot, dirty vault
    Gathering for the thing
    You'll prevail, you're aware

    Now you choose
    Now you choose

    Now you are...

    Homo Gotikus
    Homo Gotikus
    Homo Gotikus
    Homo Gotikus
    Homo Gotikus Industrialis, Industrialis
    Homo Gotikus Industrialis, Industrialis
    Homo Gotikus Industrialis, Industrialis
    Homo Gotikus Industrialis, Industrialis


    :DURATIONation: I 4 : 5 8 : 2 7 :\\//\\//:

    :W:UND'Salbei bei Boeser Made im Bad:

    :W:AND'Schmuck fuer Bad & Made by :R:

    :W:W:W:WUMPSCUT:DE & wumpscut.com
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    • Clan Of Xymox - Delete ♥†* - Duration: 5 minutes, 22 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      0==][:::Clan:Of:Xymox:::... "Delete"

      ( .deete. . . ... re-member?³ ; )~*~


      0N! the ZI.september...
    • Absurd Minds ╬ Tear It Down ♥†* - Duration: 3 minutes, 38 seconds.

      • 5 years ago
      0==][:::Absurd:Minds:::... "Tear It Down"

      0==][:::A:l:b:u:m:::... "Serve Or Suffer"

    • Anne Clark & herrB - Eye Of A Wolf - Duration: 5 minutes, 53 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      Anne Clark, herrB - Eye Of A Wolf - For more than 30 years Anne Clark has held a unique place in contemporary music.

      Combining literary, socially engaged texts with innovative and genre-breaking m...
    • Nevermore - Nox Arcana - Duration: 6 minutes, 16 seconds.

      • 9 years ago
      Artist: Nox Arcana
      Album: Shadow of the Raven

      If you are patient, you can listen to the end of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" and a fragment of "Premature Burial"

      I do NOT ow...
    • AGONOIZE ╬ ♠ Hate ♥†*²°¹° ¹² ³ - Duration: 4 minutes, 26 seconds.

      • 6 years ago
      0==][::de✞dikäted:too::... ω!з;)

      ................. H.
      ................. A.
      ................. T.
      ................. E.

      ............... 2:28

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  • §↓ # 9.I ıs†ª®==][:::U$Asнεs:::...* Play all

    *U.S.a h´ε м & тнε unıтεd:sтaтεs of Aliвı's

    _________________ /__|_/ )
    ________________/ ___∀_I
    ______________ /________ \
    ____________/__________ \
    ___________ |__________ /
    ___________/__________ |
    __________/_____l_____ /
    _________/_____ I____ /
    ________/ _ _ _ _| ___/
    _______/_/_____||___ |
    _______I_|_____/ \___\
    ______/_ |_____/_ \___\
    _____/__/_____/__ \___\_
    ____ l __\\_ ____,,,) \__ ,,,)
    _____\__ |Der вoese wolf ±ı†* /\//!\\/\
    ______\_/ −· ·· −·−· −−− VI.и|к ^♠^ ²°¹³
    ______ v ı."0==][:::v:e:r:g:e:l:t:u:n:g:::..."
    | ◄ мiиd [±] εxтяaкт: V I. 0==][:::::::::::::► |
    0==][::onε:нoυя:мεεтıng::... & 19mins
    ■ LasтLisт:cяεaтεd:by:Kяεи†z & :(:вyε:):


    + 9 ! i †*
    + 8 ( SAD )
    + 7 ) Luege
    + 6 ( America
    + 5 ) Volk America
    + 4 ( Die 9/11 Wahrheit! )
    + 3:) The Heart of America
    + 2 ( нocıco - faкε †²°¹°'¹²'¹²
    + 1 ) spεтsnaz - faкε †²°¹³'³'³
    ± Auf dass der Wind sich dreht

    = Auf nach Walhall -N!K-
    = 45 AS 5+4? & 4+5? &?=1+8
    ≈ AS 45 & 54 as 45+54=** / 11

    ± 9.0px 4.5 & A.S.3:) x:xxI³
    ± 1.0% / $нa'мε вy мiss тake
    ± 1.0nε poinт вy zεяo´s inк! ı†*³

    ≠ 9¹¹†o-0==][::fäkεяlinazz::... *²°¹³

    DURATIONaтioи: 01:19min's [&] 16sec's

    εиdfaziт:ca.9,11% Red:buт²Aн-doORяεd:

    0==][:::Laiвacн:::... volк aмεяıka [тεxт]

    U. . .
    So the Iend:of the free
    And:the home of the:brave

    are ur ***** still so:breit?
    does ur banners till wave?
    oh the hand:of the freak
    end the home of the brave

    argh you having converse
    or the:broom of the brave?

    *Y o u ,,!,, тнε :p e e:p l e
    *O f*** тнε you nite:@ $ т a т ε s
    *U ?

    did: you form a :pearlfat Junyiyon?
    $ da Bill is Justic so drunkwellitea
    sec.ur the:blessins of Lee Berti
    two ur cell´s end:ur:posteritea
    How www:blind:ca`n´you 4get
    four ur countree rite 0r wrong?

    Ä н´ε м ε я ı k a

    T н ε мelting :P o †

    So the land:of the free,
    the Homo of the grave
    ah ur start's till´soap right?
    does your banner still rave?
    0de rent of the three 3:)
    end:the Homi of Biнave
    aн you нave 'em on ears
    or the:boom of the grave?

    weee cнill'n drin
    weee cнilled:red:aн:born of Cin
    weee aн:porn off sin, that is why
    weee must let the lie, the light off
    got in two нour Har†'s-chilltrance
    weee aн chill dread:rents of goth

    BUTTo-0н тнewww.hole.we/aн
    weee aн re-sinner'z, weee must
    let the lite* let the luv of god:
    E†ernal laugh of god:in 2нour Ha's
    or weee eeewww.well:burp in нeII
    B U R N in E † e r n a l-| E´L L ; )~*~

    raise †he Lord:end:
    praise †he Holee'spiri†
    oн §.a.v.e.U.$.from your
    fred, tom just this:pee'z
    aн! core Diane's IIIusion*
    form arrows, terms of:pride
    from whilends & kongfyousin
    ur grrrrrrrrrrrr eh? test:Pair's
    änd:grrreat :) deep:Press 0n!

    § @ aн Nic versus
    ur soup, her station
    Dillan off! :plan †ea

    ur :Pill of Rite'z...
    tea and:her:price
    †нe Freewww.will.&
    the un:broke´em 1/2
    your'self Ass-Team
    anne self tease Eier
    urrr frust in god end:
    †he delicious Feier

    am erika

    Aм мaяie K.


    & THE N Ð / C.R.Y.нммм³ !↓!


    кεεp тнε fucкın' Daяк-Haя†'* вuтTo-Ol-| ; )

    :P.S.@'sγndrome 0r вorderliner on :Dυтγ³

    *Ä´s speciallist's@ıı:9:pm:PTZ:(:5-ıı-2oI3:)
    • The Retrosic ╬ Tears In Rain ♥†* - Duration: 118 seconds.

      • 6 years ago
      0==][::the:retrosic::... "tears in rain"

      ALBUM: "God Of Hell" digipak


    • ventana V.$.A.D."His†orgy* 0f The World" incl. WAKE? UP`Spoiled! AMERICAN WWW.WARFOOL´S.cum - Duration: 4 minutes, 52 seconds.

      • 4 years ago
      0==][::Ventana::... S.History:Of**** T.W.

      Use? ■ stop to-or see [if] u stopped:by
      ✞✞✞✞✞your´stop of [un]used: time

      See? ▌▌:pause :but!...
    • Pain of Salvation - America (with lyrics) - Duration: 5 minutes, 20 seconds.

      • 8 years ago
      Yus! I spelled ground wrong, so don't point that out xD

    • Laibach ♠ Volk America ♥†* - Duration: 4 minutes, 50 seconds.

      • 6 years ago
      0==][::Laibach::... Amerika [live]

      so the land of the free
      and: the home of the brave
      are your ***** still so bright?
      does your banner still wave?...
    • Zeitgeist: 9/11 - Duration: 34 minutes.

      • 4 years ago
      Das Bildmaterial stammt von 'Zeitgeist: Der Film' und darf für nicht-kommerzielle Zwecke verwendet werden.
    • FGFC820 - The Heart of America (Mesmer's Eyes Mix) - Duration: 5 minutes, 47 seconds.

      • 7 years ago
      Und noch ein Lied der Oberliga^^


      We take our orders from the evening news
      Paper dolls with political views
      Find religion on the radio
      The more you listen, the more you know

      Sell the lie...
    • Spetsnaz -"Fake" Amphi 2012 HD - Duration: 4 minutes, 29 seconds.

      • 4 years ago
    • Sturmwehr - Auf nach Walhall - Duration: 6 minutes, 9 seconds.

      • 6 years ago
      Hinausgezogen auf großer Fahrt. Auf dem Meere peitscht der Wind. Die Wellen krachen auf das Deck, weit fort von Frau und Kind. Die Heimat im Rücken, vor ihnen der Sturm das Drachenboot kämpft sich ...
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