Agent's Arena. 
Agent's Arena. 

Your stop for all media Global Agenda.
All player submitted, all player footage. Purley fan driven and organized. Channel is in not affilated directly with HiRez Studios and partners.
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We accept almost any form of video related to Global Agenda. View playlists for catagories.

-Offical Webiste, Store and Forums
-Global Agenda Official Facebook

Have a video, thoughts, comments or other?
Post in the Comments or Send a YT Message 
Alternitivley: Email GA_CommunityChannel@gmail.com (For all submissions, for direct upload from channel (Read Rules) 
or links to be favorited/featured)

And we'll get it up for you :D

-Submission Rules (To have videos uploaded by Channel):
Quality Standard: 480p or better.  Smooth FPS Preferbly.
                  As low as the file can be without coprimising quality too much.                   
    Commentaries: Clear as Possible. Not trashy (Excessive swearing, racism, etc)
Your Own Media (Music, Sounds, Images): Unless you have explict permission to use them.
We do not have any watermarks or pre/post rolls to be edited in.

Creator and Lead Organizer: ivr56
Channel Banner and Background: Soon^TM
Channel Name(s): tacobff
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