• How to enter Islam/become a Muslim/Convert to Islam/Accept Islam كيف تدخل الإسلام، بالإنجليزية

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    How to enter Islam? كيف تدخل الإسلام بالإنجليزية
    How to become a Muslim? كيف تصبح مسلماً
    How to embrace Islam? كيف تقبل الإسلام
    How to join Islam? كيف تنضم للإسلام

    (Bismillah AlRahman AlRaheem/In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful)
    An important note to fellow Muslims
    Salamu alaikum/Peace be upon you,
    We have many friends and family members that are MUSLIMS, and are seeking more knowledge about Islam. While doing a basic search, a person can become very overwhelmed with the information being presented. They may ask questions about what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s allowed and what’s prohibited, what’s authentic and what’s not, etc. They also might want to know the rulings on things (such as a fatwa or fatawa).
    So, in this post, we will be listing resources for ACCURATE information about Islam, for the masses. Islam is very simple. It’s all about doing what Allah Almighty and his Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) commands, with the pure intention of worshipping Allah Almighty ALONE.
    Here are some fantastic sites for established Muslims, new Muslims, and those who are hopefully looking to revert to Islam:
    1) http://quranexplorer.com
    2) http://kalamullah.com
    3) http://islamhouse.com/en/main
    4) http://islamweb.net/en
    5) http://sultan.org
    6) http://en.islamway.net
    7) http://en.alukah.net
    8) http://islamiconlineunivers...
    9) http://bilalphilips.com
    10) http://muftimenk.com
    11) http://islamqa.info/en/
    We encourage every MUSLIM and MUSLIMA to bookmark these sites, and visit them regularly in order to learn all the details that we are required to learn about. We, MUSLIMS, are required to learn our religion, apply what we learn into action (with the proper intention of pleasing Allah Almighty), our creator. Islam is not just words that we utter, Islam is faith, deeds, and actions. Thriving as Muslims comes from seeking knowledge. We are not all required to go to Islamic studies universities, but we are required to learn the Quran, Sunneh (the sayings, actions, and lessons from the Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him), and understand them according to those who came in the righteous generations before us (meaning: the Sahabeh/Companions of the Prophets – may Allah be pleased with them, Tabe’een/Companions of the Sahabeh – May Allah have mercy on them, Tabih’ il Tabe’een/Companions of the Companions of the Sahabeh – May Allah have mercy on them, and whomever follows their footsteps. IE: Muslim scholars, Imams, Sheikhs, Pious and Knowledgeable Muslims, etc.).
    AbuYusef AlHalabi & D.M.L
    Teachers, Students, Mentors, and Seekers of Islamic Knowledge

    PS- We encourage everyone to share with others by holding down their index finger on this text, and pressing “copy text”. Then, pasting it into their statuses. This post cannot be shared. Jazakum Allah khair for your efforts to spread the word.

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