• vib-ripple 100% - World 1 - Stages 1 to 4

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    Told you this wasn't going to involve vib-ribbon!

    This is a series where I'll be trying to get all of the Gold Crowns by bouncing on pictures to collect all of the Petas while simultaneously avoiding Boonchies and revealing their spots which isn't actually required, on all 60 Stages!

    Now, what I just said probably confused the hell out of you. Don't worry, everything will make sense once I explain all of that! In fact, not even I know everything because I've only gone up to Stage 10! And I'm doing a 100% series, anyway! Yay!

    The explanation is SO long that YouTube didn't allow me to put it in the description, so here it is on Pastie, instead: http://pastie.org/pastes/98...

    Onto the stages!

    Stage 1: A breather, since I believe it's the only stage that has no Boonchies. However, even as the very first stage in the game, it's already a bit tricky to find all Petas, because there are TWO Petas stuffed inside the blue marble, and since all of the other marbles only have one (white marble has nothing), it can be easy to assume there's only one in the blue marble as well.

    Stage 2: The first Boonchie and Boonchie spot! These lil' Boonchies move at a snail's pace and turn very slowly, but they still hurt! There's also a packful of monkeys in a chocolate cake (for some inexplicable reason), and at that point, you'll become Super-Vibri and find out the game hid another Peta on a spot where it looks like any other spot on the plate! But because of the reveal, it's not that bad.

    Stage 3: Remember the trick about getting several Petas at once? This stage, when going for the Gold Crown, makes that MANDATORY. If you try to get every Peta, one at a time, even without revealing that one Boonchie spot, you'll BARELY lose. Other than that, trying to remember every single Peta spot is a bit tricky, what with all of the tiles and all.

    Stage 4: Black Petas are probably some of the more jerkish Petas to get, since Super-Vibri will FAINTLY highlight them. There is one stage a bit later on where the game takes advantage of that and decides to be evil. That aside, they are clumped up in the floor, and then the rest of the Petas are in the X-section, so besides the Black Petas, this stage isn't so bad!

    This was played via the PCSX2 emulator (v1.2.1). Wonder if there's a way to play custom stages!

    Speaking of emulation, something to note, this game somehow manages to be SMALLER in file size than vib-ribbon. I don't get it either. Show less
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