• Michael Rafael - Low Key

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    A visual.... for Low Key....


    Hit you with a lil mo dope, bag it up
    Pusha Man
    Posted up on that east coast
    Get a load of this hand
    I got like 7 aces on deck
    On top of 7 that i been droppin
    Gotta get it - let me win it
    Wit a pen, yea i sin, yeah we all do
    We ain't got a lot of options
    Yeah, i know this road
    This ocean
    Navigating nothing nice
    Ima build this business
    Get a queen to hold this king
    Let me get my fortress
    This time ima put it all the way down
    I ain't got time for the small talk no more now
    Got a small axe that i gotta throw out
    I send this to my folks out - there
    Got a pair in the air, little liquor wit a soda
    Yea, really..nah i need a minute
    Nah, i dont wana focus now
    I don't wana leave, no no
    I ain't get the goal yet
    Fck that gold, i don't need it
    Ima be so low key wit it
    Like E

    Sht gon sound like this note
    This note
    Yeah i been low key
    Like this note
    Baby won't you show me
    How low yo love be

    So, who wana bag..who wana bag
    You wana bag, you wana bag?
    You got a bag... sold
    Get busy with the vocals
    Shouts out Bizzy, gotta know where the ropes from
    & we all at a crossroads
    & we all know that we all change now
    Or it all goes down like any other empire
    That let its citizens down plenty of times
    I got a mind to be around them people levels ahead
    In a tribe with a 3rd eye... relative
    Kin to my people, got our differences
    But history been written since
    Business' took Trump
    Over humanity, sad as it sounds
    They'll gladly pass out
    That lorazepam in that south
    Got that xanax fa yo man
    Another one to balance all that sht out
    I don peeped game for awhile now
    Dont let em' get you down, no no
    Get out, get up
    Get buck, get a buck
    Speak up, gon vote, stand up for leaders
    Be a man for ya people
    Understand the procedure
    Respect to the females
    What you mean they don't mean it?
    What you mean, you don' see it?
    Its all by design
    Nah, this ain't efficient
    Sht.... they could make that car last 40 years if they wanted to
    So, fck outta my face with all yo profit margins
    Sittin round figuring out ways to get over on you're people starving / ain't no honor
    Fck a audit
    Ain't no money in the sale
    All the money in the service
    System can't do nothing but fail
    Unless we find another purpose
    Turn this whole ship around...

    & i try to chill, but i accidentally do the most...

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