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  • Alessandro Fantini - director showreel

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    Alessandro Fantini - director showreel

    An anthology of the best movies, shorts, documentaries and music videos directed and produced by Alessandro Fantini between 2003 and 2015.
    Edited by Alessandro Fantini.
    Music by Alessandro Fantini: "The bronze dawn" from the concept album "Nyctalopia" (2014) https://afanalessandrofanti....... Mostra meno
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    The trailers of Alessandro Fantini's movies.
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  • NEW YORK, A VENTURE Riproduci tutti

    Alessandro Fantini
    New York, a venture (2014)

    In 2014, 3 billion people were using the Internet and the mobile-cellular market. Since last decade computers and mobiles are relentlessly altering and crumbling our perception of social reality and present time.
    Nevertheless it’s the unexpected email Adam gets from his cousin Kevin inviting him to join his secret venture in New York City, to trigger the chain of events that will lead him to restore his own lost reality.
    A random incident in Central Park that makes him lose every natural and artificial connections to the surrounding world, will be nothing but the first stage of a self-discovery through the darkness of memory. Yet, only the verses of Amy, the enigmatic poetess of Central Park, will eventually enlighten the path of his quest with the colored Flames of a Vision that once split two lives, and now is about to reunite them in the cleansing whiteness of a stocking cap.

    Directed, written and edited by Alessandro Fantini
    Cinematography and special effects by Alessandro Fantini
    Music by Alessandro Fantini

    Adam Clairfield: Craig Williams
    Amy Bolnes: Kyrie Vickers
    The lady of Central Park: Karen Goldfarb
    The lunatic of Central Park: Henrik Khim Rehr
    The first runner: Vincenzo Fantasia
    The second runner: Said Raissi
    Kevin Alcott: Alessandro Fantini

    Camera assistant at the Central Park Zoo: Lincoln Athas
    Dialogue consultant: Craig Williams

    Produced by AFAN PICTURES
    Filmed in New Jersey and New York City from June to July 2014.
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    A selection of Alessandro Fantini's movies.
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  • AFANzine L'Arte raccontata da Alessandro Fantini Riproduci tutti

    Between video-magazine and documentary, informative program and video-art, in this series conceived and produced for the web, the multimedianic artist AFAN Alessandro Fantini browses the art currents and the artists who have contributed to its aesthetic training over the years, affecting the development of his personal multi-faceted approach to creativity.

    Tra video-magazine e documentario, progamma divulgativo e videoarte, in questa serie pensata e realizzata per il web, l'artista multimedianico AFAN Alessandro Fantini passa in rassegna nel suo atelier le correnti e gli artisti che hanno contribuito negli anni alla sua formazione estetica, influendo sulla maturazione del suo personale approccio multiforme alla creatività.

    L'AFANzine è una serie scritta, diretta, condotta e autoprodotta da una sola persona. Se apprezzate e desiderate vedere nuove puntate, una piccola donazione con Paypal, anche solo di 1€, può essere un incentivo più determinante di un "like o di un "iscrizione" alla prosecuzione del progetto. Grazie.
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  • ICONOSFERA web serial Riproduci tutti


    A multimedianic blend of theatre, fiction, videoart and literature.

    Recluse in a remote hut on the edge of time, an unknown cenobite tries to decipher the echoes of humankind memory, torn between true stories and fictitious images, looking for the debris of his own soul.

    When dates and units of measurement cease to have any meaning; when between memories and hallucinations new bonds of blood arise; when the simulacra eat pieces of truth torn from the images; when
    the perception of the ego is just a sob of boredom among the swarm of collective time; when the intuitions of the future fall into the silence of a prophecy in a vegetative state; when the transcription of the newspaper is indistinguishable from an accident report; when the soliloquy is one of the many disguises of the interior anarchy; all that still claims to be (by being recalled) fluctuates in the iridescence of the Iconosphere .

    Directed, written, produced, performed and produced by Alessandro Fantini.
    Cinematography, music and special effects by Alessandro Fantini.
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    A selection of Alessandro Fantini's music videos.
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