• Electric Universe: Gravity is a Myth and Does Not Exist, Electricity is the only Force

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    "Gravity is a Myth and Does Not Exist; Electricity is the only Force in the Universe"!
    Available at: http://www.feandft.com/

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    Pari Spolter demolishes newton and einsteins gravity theories (guesses):


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    From the Introduction page of my latest book:

    In the course of this book I will prove that the force called “Gravity” by newton and later modified by einstein and others, does not exist and is purely mythical in its creation. The consequences of this conclusion are immense. It means that a huge list of non-existent entities have been conjured up by academic psyentists based on the mythematics of a non-existent force. For example: dark matter, dark energy, black holes, singularities, event horizons, wimps, mond, machos, neutron stars, gravitational collapse, gravitons, gravity waves, quantum gravity, inward pulling gravity, gravitational lensing, gravitational constant, schwarzchild radius, gravitational radiation, frame dragging, general relativity, anti-gravity, virtual gravitons, quantum field theory to name just a few, are in fact false and mythical as well.

    The Gravity Myth

    Page 14 Atomic Suicide

    Matter is not held together from within by the attraction of gravity, as generally supposed, it is compressed together by a force exerted from the outside toward its center.

    Page 81 Atomic Suicide

    We wish to demonstrate to you that the anti-matter stillness, which science is discovering, is the Creator's Energy Source. Yes—there is an invisible zero universe. It is the Mind-universe of Magnetic Light. For scientific purposes in explaining the construction of matter, we will name it the omnipresent universal vacuum. The universal vacuum is the expansion end of the universal piston, and gravity is the compression end.

    As electricity is the creator of focal points, which we call gravity, and because compression is the sole office of electricity, every oscillation of the electric current of Creation is an interchange between the stillness of the universal vacuum of God's Mind-universe of CAUSE, and the electric universe of motion, to produce EFFECT.

    Page 89 Atomic Suicide

    Gravity is evidenced wherever compression from without is maximum. Gravity is a focal point from which matter desires to explode outwardly. Gravity does not pull inwardly from within as the deceptive illusion of Nature would have you believe. Neither is it the attractive force which Newton's senses were deceived into believing, for a center of gravity is a point of maximum electric potential. Gravity never changes. It is never more or less. It is maximum everywhere. It is electric potential which changes by multiplying and dividing the measure of power it is able to express by drawing it from its gravity center of control. It is like the power of a man who can draw but little from the great omnipotence which centers him, as compared with another man whose knowledge enables him to draw more of it. Electric potential is the tension caused by the electric division of the ONE universal condition of rest into two unbalanced conditions of motion.

    Page 104 Atomic Suicide

    Man's concept of gravity as being an attractive force which pulls inward from within, is diametrically opposed to the facts of Nature. Gravity is the controlling center of a compressive electric force which is exerted from the outside of matter instead of within it.

    Page 132 Atomic Suicide

    The supposition that gravity is a force which pulls inward from within is, basically, the cause of the misconception of the nucleal atom. Instead of holding matter together the nucleal suns of these systems have accumulated enough heat, by multiplying it centripetally, to explode them centrifugally.

    Page 138 Atomic Suicide

    It is right here that all observers, from Newton to Einstein, have been so grievously misled by the evidence of their senses. All of them have believed in a force in Nature which pulls inward from within. Out of their observations we have, in physics, a law covering the acceleration of gravity, and mathematics to give ratios of the power of matter to attract matter, and many other misconceptions. The very fact that a stone falls to the ground has built a belief that gravity attracts it. Instead of that it is the density of electric potential which causes the stone to seek its like pressure condition in motion.

    Produced by Hanna VH - https://www.youtube.com/use......

    Narration written by Robert Otey

    Narration Natalie Blake

    Free Energy and Free Thinking

    all rights reserved

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  • "Gravity is a Myth and Does not Exist; Electricity is the only Force in the Universe" Play all

    http:www.feandft.com In this series I demonstrate first that Gravity is a myth and electric force is the cause behind the effects falsely attributed to so-called gravity. I am adding other folks vids to this which are filled with errors, however they ask the same question and conclude gravity is a myth as well!

    My book at http:www.feandft.com has a superior explanation since it is not couched in false academic theories about nuke atoms, quantum quackery, einstein's relativities, mythematics, or the hair" braned" idiocy of 10 to the 500th versions of string theory. There is no need to waste time on these delusional fantasies conjured up by academic eggheads,. they are as fictitious as the gravity theories they hawk in their schools for top dollar to legions of unsuspecting students around the "GLOBE"!

    Video 15 in this playlist shows easily demonstrated proof that the so-called force of gravity is electric force. Unfortunately Billy does not know that the academic language he is using to describe this has been debunked. If seen in the language I use in my teaching's regarding the Electric Universe Paradigm, the true Nature of what happening becomes obvious!
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  • Electric Universe Paradigm, Distilled by Robert Otey Play all

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  • Gravity Wave Hoax by LIGO, "Blind Injection" Psyops Play all

    Much proof right here that the LIGO Gravity Wave Hoax is a
    desperate sham designed by tptb, to prop up the false,
    dead, gravity based psyence taught in quackademia!



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  • Flat Earth Psyops Agenda "AXED", Once and for All! Play all

    The words of a True Cosmic Illuminate, The Great Giordano Bruno, speaks against the Flat Earth Retards and the demonic agenda they push on humanity for the forces of hell, who want people to think that the beautiful and spherical paradise world we live upon, does not exist!

    Thus the excellency of God is magnified, and the grandeur of his Empire made manifest; he is not glorified in one, but in numberless Suns, not in one Earth nor in one world, but in ten hundred thousand, of infinite globes: so that this faculty of the intellect is not vain or arbitrary, that ever will or can add space to space, quantity to quantity, unity to unity, member to member. By this science we are loosened from the chains of a most narrow dungeon, and set at liberty to rove in a most August Empire; we are removed from conceited boundaries and poverty, to the innumerable riches of an Infinite Space, of so worthy a field, and of such Beautiful Worlds: this Science does not, in a word, make a horizontal circle feigned by the eye on Earth, and imagined by the fancy in the Spacious Sky". (A Philosophy of the Infinite Universe, by Giordano Bruno)

    Flat Earth scammers have no integrity at all. They have falsely used my work debunking Newton's Gravity Myth to support their Flat Earth drivel. These people have no honor or even any shame. They twist everything to fit their madness. These people are unhinged and mentally ill. This video series exposes the paid shills behind this mind controlled psyops as well as the gullible goobers who attached themselves to this demonic lie! The naive follow this extremely retarded flat earth model, since they have no background in basic provable science. If they did, they would never state idiotic claims like: "how can water stick to a ball"?

    This shows that they do not know anything about how the Universe actually works at all! The ugly demonic flat world they are pushing is one where their flat Earth sits under a glass dome owned by Reptilian Ranchers who ranch us like cattle for food. The dome is all there is, like the Truman Movie, only everyone is being deceived, not just Truman. There is nothing outside of their dome fantasy, stationary world tripe? Rockets hit it when they try to go into space and crash. LMAO!

    The entire Infinite Universe does not exist according to these severely brain damaged alien myth pushers. The Creator of the infinite Universe is reduced to a bumbling clod that could only create reptilians who made a fake world for humans so they could raise us for food! Where they would come from is never explained since there is no Universe outside of the terrarium. I could write for days on the idiocy behind this massive lie, but anyone with a little common sense should be able to see right through this flat Earth fraud and the mindless , arrogant, narcissistic, attention seeking goobers that push it for their illuminati handlers!

    The Creator (Universal Mind) of the Infinite Universe abhors these idolaters, for falsely framing all of the spectacular and awesome Creation with this insane bullshit! This information is a war directed at our very Creator and proves itself to be archontic manipulation of the most demonic variety!

    If all of the attention the Flat Earth schmucks gave to this idiotic mind control psyops program was directed to something useful, like ending the chemtrail spraying/geo-engineering our beautiful spherical Earth would be a much better and safer place to live upon. Not one positive world changing result can be manifested from the moronic belief that the Earth is flat and inside a dome and the only thing that exists in the Universe.

    The Flat Earth Psyops program was created to divert attention away from the things that matter and send the shit for brains idiots who buy this ridiculous demonic lie into dead end allies where they can be sheared and fleeced of all intelligence and knowledge. The brain dead dupes who have given there lives to the worship of a Flat Earth are doing the work of the archontic forces of hell, to deceive mankind and bring humanity into a fake hellish world of their own creation.

    They have reduced the infinity of space and the eternity of our Creator to a terrarium world and a virtual hell, created to enslave all mankind to a new world order religion worshiping: lies, deception and demonic, enslavement, in place of our wondrous and infinite Creator (Universal Mind) which is, sexless, formless, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent, eternal, everlasting, all loving and all forgiving!

    Flat Earth Tards are trying to create a Living Hell here on Earth. They are having some successes bringing in sheeple that understand nothing at all about true provable science. However, they have failed because all of their drivel have been debunked by intelligent people who see through their demonic deceptions as can clearly be seen in the many vids that make up this Playlist!
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  • Viktor Schauberger - "The Water Wizard": Nature's Greatest Savant, reveals Free Energy, Implosion Science! Play all

    The History of Viktor Schauberger, Implosion Physics, Environmentalism, Stream and Forest Managenment and non-polluting Free Energy Technologies.
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  • Vortex Heart - Frank Chester: The "Chestahedron" is the Unseen Space Geometry of the Heart Play all

    Frank Chester has proved in great detail the Vortex Nature of our Hearts. The Heart is not a pump as is claimed by the medical establishment. The Heart controls imploding blood via twin opposing vortices within the Heart. All of Creation is created via twin opposing electric vortices. "As above so below". The Heart of the Creator and the Heart of Man are One! Witness the detailed empirical work requiring a decade of labor by Frank Chester as he reveals the deeper aspects of Creation unknown to western medicine!

    http://frankchester.com/ and http://www.youtube.com/user/Frank7Chester

    More proof the Heart is not a pump as claimed by the american murder association, aka AMA: https://tabublog.com/2016/09/24/the-heart-is-not-a-pump-t...
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  • The Vortex Sun: The Planets follow our Electric Sun in Helical Trajectories, by Dr. Keshava Bhat! Play all

    Important update:

    Dr. Keshava Bhat passed on to the higher realms this past Sunday, while on vacation with his wife and daughters. He was blessed with a long and profound life. His 40 years of astronomical observations made around this globe in Equatorial regions, led him to his disproving of the academic theory called a helio-centric Solar System.

    Dr. Bhat's books go into great detail explaining the Vortex nature of our Solar System and accounting for the so-called wobbling of the Earth's axis, being due to the spiraling motions of the Solar System's Vortex as we move above and below the galactic ecliptic. The Earth's axis does not wobble. The Path of the Solar Serpent, Vortex motions is the cause of the earth bound illusion referred to by academia as "the precession of the equinoxes". It is in reality the "precession of the Zodiacal Constellations" as we spiral with our Sun in relationship to the apparent motionless background of the 12 constellations, apostles etc...

    Please send messages of love to his Son Kumar and his beloved family. They are mourning a man who is the modern day equivalent of Copernicus and who wil go down in history as being the man who toppled the helio-centric Solar System theory taught in academic circles and the idiot box presentations on the subject.

    The vids in this series, numbers 1 and 2 are the direct work of Dr. Keshava Bhat, in his attempts to demonstrate, the true motions of our Solar System, Earth, Moon, planets etc..

    The motions he is documenting in these clips reveal a Vortex Solar System with the planets trailing behind in huge helices. You can contact his son Kumar from these two videos.

    Much Respect to the man who has replaced Copernicus!

    And, many wishes of a safe and beautiful flight through the higher realms which await all of us.

    Bless you Dr. Keshava Bhat for your great work and humility. Much love always, your devoted friend Robert Arnett Otey

    Our Sun is composed of Twin Opposing electric Vortices. It is not a nuclear furnace as edward teller would like you to believe. The path of our Sun is a Sinuous Serpentine route above and below the Galactic Ecliptic.

    The period of one full course above and below would be about 53,250 years approximately and we are completing this process for another cycle on 12-21-2012 as we cross the Ecliptic again.

    This series explores the causes of the spiraling helical trajectory of our Solar System. Unfortunately, the academics in this case opted for an imaginary binary star theory. There is no other star as is clearly seen, so it is sad they did not trash this theory.

    The reason we have a helical trajectory above and below the galactic ecliptic is because we are moving with other stars in a huge vortex arm of the galaxy which moves us above and below the galactic ecliptic in 25, 625 year cycles.

    This vid proves the helical trajectory of our Solar System which is what Dr. Keshava Bhat discovered with his personal observations of the Solar System from equatorial regions around the globe for a period of 40 years.

    Our Solar System is a huge Vortex with the planets following the Sun, not orbiting it on a nearly flat plane, as quackademicians have been claiming since the time of Copernicus! The Planets follow the Sun is Spiral Circumferential Orbital Trajectories, aka "SCOT's". Meaning that they do not orbit around the Sun on a flat plane, but behind it in perfect circles, with no wobbling or tilting of the axes, no precession of the equinoxes, no speeding up or slowing down!

    See Dr. Bhat's Memorial Page I made for his honor and proofs backing his Vortex Solar System Model:

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  • Sacred Geometry reveals the unseen Space Geometries which give form to our Electric Universe Play all

    The foundations of Sacred Geometry are the very substance of the Cosmology of Light. The physics as revealed by Sacred Geometry is a far superior way of understanding, being that our Universe is Geometric. We need not rely upon outdated misguided and seriously fudged mathematical equations of the materialists to explain it.

    The new Sacred Geometry is viewed in 3 Dimensions and explain the dynamics of the Motions of Light giving form to our physical Universe, instead of the two dimensional material explored in these videos which provokes deeper thought into the meanings of the symbolic realms which they represent.

    The importance of this is that Nature is based upon these crystalline patterns from the Atomic to the super galactic all is One! Dr. Robert Moon's work on Atomic Construction reveals an intuiting of these forms as the basis of all elements and hence we see that all is one again.

    Moon's work was wrong in that it held onto the charged particle theory of academic indoctrination which became a knowledge virus in his own work.

    From the smallest to the largest we have electric light crystals which are fractal extensions of each other, A new science is here which will lead mankind into endless abundance and prosperity for one and all. Sacred Geometry Science explains the still light, crystalline cause of all motions in our Electric Universe.
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  • 1.618 Phi: Signature of the Divine Architect found in the Ubiquitous Electric Vortices of Creation Play all

    Phi is the glaring evidence of the Divine Architect, the very signature of our Creator of the infinite and eternal Universe. Phi is witnessed from the smallest electric motions to the largest throughout the Universe, because twin opposing electric vortices are the fundamental motions which give form to everything, from Atoms to Galaxies and beyond! The Creator's Magnetic Universe of absolute stillness, cold and zero curvature, controls the spiraling electric motions of Phi and acts as a fulcrum of infinite power to express the desire of our Creator to manifest this 3d Cosmic Light Cinema of infinite shapes and forms.
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  • Cymatics: A Sonic View into the Electric Wave Mechanics of Creation Play all

    Cymatics: The study of how sound produces shapes and forms according to varying frequency. The images reflect a vast array of appearances which we recognize as being found throughout Nature. This material shows how the "Music of The Spheres" is real and how all substance and form on Heaven and on Earth, come into being via the electric motions of sound frequencies.

    Now watch how this truth can be applied to Celestial Mechanics as more proof that the entire Universe operates according to the same principles from the smallest to the largest:


    Schauberger's, "Tone Tower" ( Music of the Spheres) is a vortex. Note how when the dynamic motions of the z axis are added to a model of the Solar System a vortex is seen due to the forward motion of the Sun around the galactic core as the planets trail behind it. One can clearly see that the ellipses that we observe as Earth bound watchers in a moving frame of reference, is due to our mutual position in our helical trajectories following the Sun. The horizontal bars (circles) seen on the Tone Tower show that the paths of the planets are perfect circles and not ellipses as Kelpler believed and everyone else who has accepted this Earth bound illusion, since his time. The spiral circumferential trajectories of the planets, falsely known as "ellipses" are in fact perfect circles and ellipses are observational illusions. The planets ride on Electric Nodes of the Sun's discharging equatorial Vortex, conforming in distance to Bode's Law. A new Octave begins at Neptune!

    The planets do not: go round the sun, they follow it, they do not speed up and slow down as per academic drivel, they do not tilt on their axes, their poles remain parallel at all times, they do not wobble and their distance to the sun remains constant in unchanging perfect circles, stretched out along the z axis of their paths, which I have called Spiral Circumferential Orbital Trajectories, aka SCOT's! So named, to immortalize all of the Great Scottish Scientists of the Ages!
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