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9/11 & Operation Northwoods - Why the US Is Willing to SLAUGHTER Its Own Citizens

1,448 views 7 months ago
So America.... you really think your government would never kill it's own citizens, the citizens of other nations, and / or fake an attack as a pretext for WAR? We all know that lies are told as a pretext, but did you know the US would even kill its own for pecuniary ulterior motives?

Don't listen to MY opinion, just listen to this declassified document's outline of how to do it.

This is your world, i'm just living in it and reporting what I see.

I am an American. I love my country, but I HATE MY GOVERNMENT. Show less
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The Rabbit Hole Play

How far down the Rabbit Hole do you wanna go?

This is a mix of hardcore economics, a bit of conspiracy talk and a fat dose of historical and political facts and theory.

If you watch all 200 of these, you'll be one smart puppy at the end of it. However, your significant other just may leave you.

Whether or not that's a good thing is up to

If you have the capacity to absorb, understand, process and apply the information given and discussed here, you can tackle much anything.

Apply yourself, learn something... It only hurts a little....

Knowledge is power; facts are ammunition and your your brain is the most powerful war machine in the universe.

Your enemy is ignorance.

Now go and KILL KILL KILL!!!!!


Mother Russia: From Tsars to Communists Play

My knowledge of Russia and it's grand history is pretty weak. This playlist should help bolster my as-of-yet feeble knowledge.

I make this playlist with some opinions but I am ready to change them with sufficient evidence. I'm going into this as open-minded as possible.

I have no loyalty to any notions I currently possess and am fully prepared to abandon my biases, prejudices and opinions in light of truth, whatever that truth may be.

I am sick of being lied to, misled and played for a fool.

I'm sick of repeating the same mantras we were all taught in school as if I possess the only path to truth.

I'm sick of merely reciting a single fact from a single book which was obtained by who knows who and who knows how - then using this little tidbit as if I have confirmed for myself it's true.

I haven't.

We all need to obtain as much information on a subject as possible, find out how that info was obtained and by WHOM...

What are the biases of the people who have presented this information?

Who do they work for?

Who's financing this "search for truth" that I recite as bible truth?

We need to do the same for all sides in a given matter then ask ourselves what the REAL truth is.

We must read between the lines and use our best judgement in light of ALL the information to make a reasonable assessment of what history REALLY says..

Even then we should be wary...
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