Jane Eyre

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    نزار قباني امرأة حمقاء

    A Letter From A Stupid Woman by Nizar Qabbani

    My dear Master,
    This is a letter from a stupid woman
    Has a stupid woman before me, written to you?
    My name? Lets put names aside
    Rania, or Zaynab
    or Hind or Hayfa
    The silliest thing we carry, my Master - are names

    My Master:
    I am frightened to tell you my thoughts
    I am frightened - if I did -
    that the heavens would burn
    For your East, my dear Master,
    confiscate blue letters
    confiscate dreams from the treasure chests of women
    Practices suppression, upon the emotions of women
    It uses knives...
    and cleavers...
    to speak to women
    and butchers spring and passions
    and black plaits
    And your East, dear Master,
    Manufactures the delicate crown of the East
    from the skulls of women

    Don't criticize me, Master
    If my writing is poor
    For I write and the sword is behind my door
    And beyond the room is the sound of wind and howling dogs
    My master!
    'Antar al Abys is behind my door!
    He will butcher me
    If he saw my letter
    He will cut my head off
    If I spoke of my torture
    He will cut my head off
    If he saw the sheerness of my clothes
    For your East, my dear Master,
    Surrounds women with spears
    And your East, my dear Master
    elects the men to become Prophets,
    and buries the women in the dust.

    Don't become annoyed!
    My dear Master, from these lines
    Don't become annoyed!
    If I smash the complaints blocked for centuries
    If I unsealed my consciousness
    If I ran away...
    From the domes of the Harem in the castles
    If I rebelled, against my death...
    against my grave, against my roots...
    and the giant slaughter house....

    Don't become annoyed, my dear Master,
    If I revealed to you my feelings
    For the Eastern man
    Is not concerned with poetry or feelings
    The Eastern man - and forgive my insolence - does not understand women
    but over the sheets. I am sorry my master -If I have insolently attacked the kingdom of Men
    for the great literature of course -
    is the literature of men
    And love has always been
    the allotment of men...
    And sex has always been
    a drug sold to men

    A senile fairytale, the freedom of women in our countries
    For there is no freedom
    Other than, the freedom of men...

    My Master
    Say all you wish of me. It does not matter to me:
    Shallow.. Stupid.. Crazy.. Simple minded.
    It does not concern me anymore..
    For whoever writes about her concerns...
    in the logic of Men is called
    a stupid woman
    and didn't I tell you in the beginning
    that I am a stupid woman? Show less
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