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ABBA - Johnathan David Helser - Lyrics

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Music Credits To : Johnathan David Helser - Abba - Lyrics
GENESIS 2:7 God creates Man & Woman Vs:21 Abba with us Galatians 5:22-23
ABBA Romans 8:15 (Aramaic for " FATHER, Daddy & Papa" )

If you wish to reach Daddy in Heaven quickly with your
WHOLE Heart, Mind & Soul when in your closet with God; Call Him ABBA FATHER.
Its very powerful !

Totally Awesome song !

This video is not intended to violate the owners rights to include the sale or resale of the music, but rather with the fair use act in loving support of the owners music. With absolute respects for the owners music as well as a tool in education.

Below is my store (place of my arts)
DO NOT BE ALARMED at the cost of some Items as these items offered are of the finest material American made as well places many people to work in America :-) I get a mere 5% and I leave it to my wife to help her when I am gone and unable to be of any more financial support as well my wife is to use a portion to help the very needy in the USA as we need to reach out to our own that suffer in todays times ! That you for your support :-) Humbly, Michael

Video Filming, Photo's & Editing Arts by : Michael L. Dungan

Many blessings to all through Gods love from Above :-)
Most fervently, Michael
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Personal Video's I created with Chosen Musical Artist Music Together with my Visual Arts.

I do this in support of Such Awesome & Wonderful Music Artist's.
I do not take credit for the Musical Artist's Music in these video's :-)

Your invited to Rate & Comment. Many Blessings to all :-)
Please Note:
Most of the artists whom knew me from Jan 2011 when I first began with
WarrorChild2020 Support channel at about a 6-7 months later I was very i'll, A week latter I was well again to then realizing I had closed my support channel due to I didn't feel I was going to live and thus I felt it best to quietly close the support channel. I reopened it as 1BlueStarRising also known as THE STAR CHANNEL USA to date. Its tough with a Body that wants to give up; Yet We all are given a spirit/soul that is willing to fight best it can to stay on :-)
We all are born with a will to survive :-) Blessings to all :-)

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I just received an electric wheel chair due to my having breathing issues Severe C.O.P.D and hoping as well getting out of my home this summer I may find new added strengths ( Building new strengths .) being in the sun and also getting out to film or go fishing. With this Electric wheel chair it provides me the opportunity to have more movement and challenges me get out to fight the good fight :-)

Enjoy the films I created with Gods love as the center :-)

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I Enjoy Her Music and it Helps me Feel Closer to Gods Love ( Moves me towards ) SHe is a very wonderful Young Lady. She Sings with Her whole Heart and is very Free Spirited Unique Person. Humbly, Michael
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