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  • We should educate based on motivations

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    This talk ties motivation into the history of Paul, 10 Books A Home, and ILM. In it, Paul ties together many elements into a narrative that is told story style.

    00:00 Paul overviews himself, ILM, and 10BH by relating it to ILMs.
    00:45 - first principle of educating based on motivations - live life based intrinsic learning motivations (ILMs)
    1:00 - paul discovers ILM when he reads his first book at 23
    1:55 - ILMs cause Paul to reorient his motivations, thoughts, feelings, actions. goes from drugs to college.
    3:00 - Paul's ILMs lead to degree in economics - first big example of impact of ILMs
    3:35 - ILM Feedback Loop
    6:30 - Paul builds tutoring practice based on ILMs
    7:30 - Respectatarian Approach is intuitive version of ILM Method
    8:15- Respectatarian Approach results in above grade level outcomes
    9:35 - Girl with Selective Mutism gives Paul species level goal
    10:45- Paul gets idea for 10BH, personal history in and of East Palo Alto
    11:30 - girl with selective mutism shows Paul there are species goals he wants to pursue
    12:15 - East Palo Alto statistics
    12:30 - Paul wants to create tutoring program for East Palo Alto kids based on knowing their conditions and power of ILM
    13:45 - Paul starts 10 Books A Home
    15:00 - Paul realizes to start 10BH he needs to learn more than ever if he wants to build a nonprofit
    16:20 - 10BH has 7 years of preschool tutoring and ILM Method development experience
    16:40 - 10BH has 4 years of longitudinal results on its graduates
    17:25 - 10BH is preventing the achievement
    18:10 - Paul figures out how to prevent the achievement gap through experience
    19:00 - first year teaches paul to serve preschool children only
    19:25 - why 10BH says "learning party" instead of "lessons"
    19:50 - basic design of 10BH preschool tutoring program
    20:30 - how paul determined basic preschool tutoring program design.
    21:00 - lesson 1 - no achievement gap yet. preschoolers weren't behind yet.
    22:10 - biggest problem with education today
    22:40 - lesson 2 - parents participated more with preschoolers
    23:45 - lesson 3 - preschoolers were most engaged when parents were involved
    24:25 - summary of how paul learned to design 10BH to prevent the achievement gap
    25:45 - paul's learning (and experience) helped him to understand internal dynamics of poverty
    26:15 - Paul was criticized early on for building a home tutoring program for preschoolers and their parents
    27:10 - poverty is complex. 10BH found way to address it.
    28:20 - once preschoolers were targeted, tracking their longitudinal results was planned (aim higher. aim longer)
    30:15 - longitudinal results of 10BH graduates
    30:45 - overview of "high poverty"
    33:00 - problem of trying to "close" vs. prevent the achievement gap
    34:20 - why closing the gap is unlikely (1. annual growth. 2. catch-up growth)
    36:10 - 10BH is successful because of long-term vision and commitment
    36:50 - Paul's decision making strategies are based on his ILMs
    38:00 - Paul's life is based on goal setting
    39:30 - educating based on motivations is the path to success
    40:30 - ILM Method skills based on educating based on motivations
    40:45 - Took Paul 7 years to make 7 ILM cultivation skills
    41:10 - Single question to ask to learn to cultivate ILMs. "what is child trying to teach herself?"
    41:20 - Materials and Activity Motivations as practical means to cultivate ILMs
    42:05 - don't teach based on adult expectations
    42:20 - listen to Paul's soundcloud talk on "Potential Vs. Deficit Model"
    43:10 - Paul used ILM Method skills to cultivate his own ILMs
    43:25 - Orienting motivation - choosing motivations based on one ILM
    43:45 - the application of ILM Method skills causes you to spend time learning, doing, reflecting and enhancing your understanding (ELCU Methodology)
    44:20 - Paul's Why
    45:00 - Cultivator's Why
    45:30 - cultivator success depends on 2 questions - "what are my learner's material motivations? "what are my learner's activity motivations."
    46:10 - 10BH is pioneering
    46:45 - What are your ILMs? Email Paul. Show less
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