• strehmann – Kartenhaus

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    featuring the paintings of Maurice Heerdink: http://www.mauriceheerdink....

    *** screened at the festivals Lift-Off Sessions March 2019 and the
    First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2019 ***

    With English subtitles.

    Concept & video production by Ronny Strehmann & Maurice Heerdink
    Lyrics & music by Ronny Strehmann

    "Kartenhaus" is available on the album "Legende":



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    Lyrics (English translation):

    An acquaintance becomes a friend
    from now on appearing in my dream
    He enlights a secret fire
    and becomes my heart's desire

    How he behaves and what he says
    Will my nearness please him?
    It’s spinning in my head
    Am I right, am I mad?

    So what! As long as it thrills me
    I lie to myself quite cleverly
    And sketch an image I feel
    of him, so beautiful – and yet not real?

    Meanwhile it's been unnoticedly
    branded in my psyche
    I indulge in loneliness
    and lack all sense for worldliness

    Wondrous soulful dreams
    lead me into starry spaces
    They reflect your smile
    Longing runs through all my veins

    What he feels for me, I ask him
    He laughs at me, "It is forgiven!"
    And the fiction unabashedly
    clashed with his words

    There happily I sat, day in, day out,
    in the dreamed up house of cards
    collapsing in just one moment
    that many a boy knows too well

    I can’t get rid of my fantasy
    It inspires and exposes me
    But he is no longer here
    Only in my dream will he appear

    Wondrous soulful dreams
    led me into starry spaces
    Had been reflecting your smile
    Longing ran through all my veins Show less
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