• Shadowland Chronicles: Episode 1: How To Shift Their Endgame Stop Them From Working You From Within

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    ~ Shadow Synthesis ~ Shift The Future By Synthesising Your Inner Shadows

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    Shadowland Chronicles: Episode 1: How To Shift Their Endgame Stop Them From Working You From Within

    Sienna Lea And her Shadow Synthesis student Kajal Shinde unwrap the invisible controllers hiding inside your psychological multidimensional self. Sienna and Kajal will share crucial new information not found anywhere else on the take over of you via A. I. And other invisible agendas controlling your time line now. Join us as we bring new keys to get you out of jail and reclaim your corrupted compassionate true power.

    Music Courtsey of Marco Missinato

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  • Illuminating The Shadowland: Healing Shadows

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  • Souls Sistars Rising Play all

    Sienna and a team of Soul Sistars open a circle to share healing support and strengthen our journey of transformation with our Mother (keywords) transformation, Cern, A. I. Artificial construct, divine feminine, healing, pain, soul integration, love, support, truth.
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  • Illuminating The Shadowland With Sienna Lea Play all

    About Illuminating The Shadowland Withh Sienna Lea.


    Illuminating the Shadowland is a radio show that empowers people toward humane and sustainable solutions by shining the light of clear perception on the internal and external manipulations by on-world and off-world agendas that affect all of our lives directly. Illuminating the Shadowland Radio Show and Shadowland Cyber Groups work synergistically to build awareness and offer tools for authentic self empowerment. We will research, educate and hold space for participants to gain real knowledge and processes that work on all levels to rediscover, reclaim, and reintegrate who and what they truly are.

    Many internet programs expose hidden agendas, secret societies, extraterrestrial manipulations and so forth yet keep listeners feeling disempowered and in fear. That's where Illuminating the Shadowland comes in: We invite you to join the conversation of discovery as we hold the light of consciousness to the manipulations of on-world and off-world agendas that affect both our inner and outer realities, and illuminate a path of freedom as Free and Sovereign Beings. Through the process of owning our Shadow, we transcend the matrix of violence and control and embody freedom—not just as witnesses to opposing forces, but as our True Authentic Selves; responsible and empowered; thriving and vibrant; present in the moment, right now.

    Aired on KTFRN (Truth Frequency Radio Network)
    Fridays, 9pm PST, June 2013 - May 2014

    Download Episodes:
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  • Shadowland Voyagers Play all

    Shadowland Voyagers Archive
    Replays on KTFRN - Truth Frequency Radio Network.
    Live | www.truthfrequencyradio.com
    Replay Archives | www.truthfrequencyradio.com/shadowlandvoyagers
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  • Real Women Stepping Up Play all

    Real Women Stepping Up and the Men who Love Them is a weekly interactive learning and process radio show

    hosted by Sienna Lea and Rebecca Jernigan that explores how courageous women and men can support each other in

    reclaiming their authentic identity, voice, and energy. With a focus on the Feminine Principle, the process

    provides the opportunity to grow together into our deepest integrity.

    Under a system that required domination and submission, both men and women have had to dissociate from the

    most tender as well as most powerful aspects of themselves. We will evoke the many parts of ourselves buried

    for thousands of years and take our energy back from the clutches of the Dominator Culture.

    We will open new doors of discovery to release potentials that have the real power and energy to heal the War

    between the Sexes. We will unflinchingly explore the forbidden topics and unseen aspects of what is will take

    to emerge with a new gender-balanced world leadership, based on truth, trust, and transparency. We will take

    listeners through exercises to reveal how the Dominator Culture was installed within us, as well as exercises

    to foster healing, increase energy, and unlock the creative impulse we need to re-invent our personal and

    collective world — out of our current civilization of war into a culture that honors and serves life.

    Fortified with years of research and experience, we are highly seasoned, women who speak the truth of feminine

    power – outrageously, if need be – while supporting each other and our listenership towards stepping out of

    past constraints into a delicious opening of renewed commitment and connection to life.

    Sienna will open the field to explore the following topics:
    - What are the hidden mechanisms of internal power and control that tie us to the matrix of violence?

    - How is personal sovereignty tied to the surfacing of the Deep Shadow?

    - How can we heal the feminine aspect of the human psyche that has been mutated by these intrusive forces over

    the last several thousand years?

    - How does the Power Elite manipulate us through what we cannot find within ourselves.

    - How can we change the future by breaking our contracts with power?

    - How does the Shadow hold the key to the next leap in human evolution?

    - The keys dark sisters hold to accelerated evolutionary change.

    Sienna Lea:

    Rebecca Jernigan:

    Original Broadcast on Wolf Spirit Radio.
    (*Note: This show is no longer on air.)
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