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  • Birth of the Solar System

    • Season 1 Clip
    The Solar System's birth was far from peaceful. Witness the spectacular explosion known as the "Big Bang".

    Naked Science: Birth of the Solar System :
    TUES NOVEMBER 6 8P et/p : http://channel.n...
  • Hubble Trouble

    • Season 1 Clip
    A behind the scenes look at the second longest space walk in history and the potentially fatal challenges that existed.

    Naked Science: Hubble Trouble :
    TUES NOVEMBER 6 9P et/pt :
  • Massive Solar Storms

    • Season 1 Clip
    Step inside the eye of a solar storm and the measures scientists take to predict them.

    Naked Science: Solar Force :
    TUES OCTOBER 30 9P et/pt :
  • Time Travel

    • Season 1 Clip
    Time travel theorists ask, what if we could send scientific and medical information through time--perhaps a cure for AIDS?

    Naked Science: Time Machine :
    THURS SEPTEMBER 11 10P et/pt : http://cha...
  • Black Holes

    • Season 1 Clip
    Stephen Hawking's theory of black holes and Richard Gott's theory of cosmic strings give hope to those seeking a route to time travel.

    Naked Science: Time Machine :
    THURS SEPTEMBER 11 10P et/pt :...
  • Spill-Over Theory

    • Season 1 Clip
    There are different theories as to how exactly the Grand Canyon came into being. Could it have been carved out by an emptying lake?

    Naked Science: Grand Canyon :
    MON FEBRUARY 11 8P et/pt : http:/...
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