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  • Build a DIY Slider for $20 : Backyard FX

    • Season 3
    • Episode 6a
    BFX has already taught you how to make a camera dolly, a steady cam, a snorri cam and jib for super cheap, but today we are showing you how to make a super effective and compact camera slider! This...
  • Bone Break, Compound Fracture, DIY Tutorial : Backyard FX

    • Season 3
    • Episode 2a
    Following up Zack's first build episode, the AWESOME IRON MAN ARM, this week he's showing you how to create a gruesome broken bone effect. Check out the DIY special effects action then watch the te...
  • Iron Man 2 Robot Repulsor Arm : How to : BFX

    • Season
    • Episode
    Want to build a Repulsor arm like Robert Downey Jr wears in Iron Man 2?!? Let Zack Finfrock shows you how! It's Zack's first episode of BFX and he is starting with a bang...more specifically a Repu...
  • Iron Man 2 Toast Maker HD Short Film : Original Short

    • Season
    • Episode
    The Iron Man 2 movie just came out, so Indy Mogul's got it covered with an Original Short Test Film. This is Zack FinFrock's first Original Short Test Film as new host of Backyard FX. Check out ...
  • Build a Fig Rig : DIY Film Tutorial

    • Season 3
    • Episode 12a
    Have you ever wanted to have a sweet steady cam rig, but don't want to spend up to $300? This week Zack teaches you how to build a crazy cheap Fig Rig! Make sure and check out the test film coming ...
  • NERPH : Original Short

    • Season 3
    • Episode 14b
    Water guns are fun until someone gets hurt. NERPH. Backyard FX presents an original short from filmmaker, Jake Lloyd.

    Indy Mogul's Original Shorts are funny short films featuring the effects a...
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