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    Meditate, and your consciousness opens up to receive the "messenger" the photon, the Christ seed. Jesus said "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single,(pineal gland) thy whole body shall be full of light.' math 6:22. We are only now coming to the realization that the bible is a book of science. Numbers 2:9in the Bible tells us how many people were in the tribe of Judah, the tribe of light.186,400 The Constant Speed Of Light ! get it? peace
    I would also add, YOU DON'T HAVE TO SIGN UP TO OR JOIN ANYTHING TO ADD YOUR POWER. The Global Coherence site is trying to maximise and synchronise the intent TOGETHER. Every good intentioned soul is raising the vibration. Peace.
    Global Coherence
    Years of researching the transformative power of positive emotions led IHM several years ago to conceive the possibility that personal coherence and positive energy on a grand scale could have a global impact and begin to heal the planet. IHM/GCI leaders and researchers asked a question:

    'What if people around the world intentionally experienced sincere love, care, compassion and other positive emotions simultaneously and fed this positive energy into the global field environment?'

    This question led to an experiment, and after nearly five years, more than 40,000 members of the resulting Global Coherence Initiative, with members in 87 countries, regularly feed positive energy and heart-focused care and intention into the planetary field environment.

    Collectively, we create a field that interacts with the Earth's magnetic field and energetic systems. As people intentionally send coherent love and care to the world, a more powerful heart-filled environment is created. This helps to build a reservoir of positive energy that benefits the planet. This reservoir can then be utilized to help bring balance and stabilization to people, thereby making it easier to find solutions to problems like climate change, the destruction of the rain forests and other global issues.

    GCI scientists are establishing a worldwide network of sensing stations, the Global Coherence Monitoring System, to measure fluctuations in the Earth 's geomagnetic fields. These stations have many tasks, including: detecting how planetary events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are reflected in and predicted by patterns of activity in the Earth's magnetic field; and examining how collective human emotional resonance in response to mass events of emotional significance is reflected in the Earth's magnetic field. Learn more about the Global Coherence Monitoring System.
    How Can You Feed the Field?
    The Global Coherence Initiative is calling on their worldwide membership and supporters on Earth Day to show their commitment to care for our planet.
    Please send your heart-focused care and feed positive energy into the field environment. Regardless of your personal, political and spiritual beliefs, raise your voice in thankfulness and committed care for Earth.
    There are countless ways to do this. Here are some:
    Do the Heart Coherence or whatever method or practice you choose, for five to 10 minutes on Earth Day to send the Earth appreciation, care and a sincere commitment to planetary healing.
    Spend five minutes with at least another person, your family, or a group of friends or colleagues envisioning Earth and its inhabitants in harmony. Some people may wish to continue this for a few days before and after Earth Day.
    Join others and spend some time on Earth Day in the Global Coherence Initiative's Global Care Rooms, where people send collective care.
    "One of the things I like to do is ask myself at the end of the day: What did I feed the field today?, says Dr. Rollin McCraty, IHM's director of research and GCMS project coordinator. "How much of my day was spent being kind to the people I interacted with, being compassionate and caring, versus how much of my day was wrapped up in my to-do list or feeling irritated that things weren't moving fast enough and so on? Because it all counts, it is important at the end of the day to assess what we fed the field."
    It is a very heartening momentum as we come together on Earth Day to make a difference in our world.
    For a better understanding of how we affect the world around us, read one of IHM 's most popular article: Each Individual Impacts the Field Environment. Show less
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