• Scooby The Gambler "The Intermission" (lyrics)

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    Scooby The Gambler on Jango

    The intermission
    [Verse 1]
    Scooby The Gambler in this mother fuck
    Ya'll know that I love a slut
    Especially one with a bubble butt
    Pretty face and a model strut
    I seen her in a magazine naked on a poster
    Now she in my living room naked on my sofa
    What you doing over there you need to come closer
    So I can do everything to ya that I told ya
    Come here let me show ya
    let me bend you over
    So we can do it over
    And over and over
    They say that I'm a monster, I'm something like an ogre
    Chasing green like Shrek why don't you come be my Fiona
    I can make it hot like summertime in Arizona
    Icebox heart you don't know a nigga colder
    Weight of the world Imma put it on my shoulders
    Girl you a knockout come and put in coma
    Girl you bad let me put you in the corner
    Be my sex slave let me beat it like your owner
    My dick game is sick I need your pussy its my medicine
    And if you need a lick I eat pussy like a lesbian
    When it comes to sex games I play them like a veteran
    So play on my team I'll get you a ring, sex champion
    I let you hit my Jeffery now you rubbing on my furry walls
    Til they get me to the Greek the words I speak pump through ya stereos
    Cause I know you like it when I change up flows
    You staying the night baby, I hope u brought a change of clothes
    Now pause, for an intermission
    A sex addict but I don't need an intervention
    I just need to convince her to try new positions
    Ain't nothing worse in the bedroom than repetition

    [Verse 2]
    Yesterday, I was on top of your girl
    And tomorrow Imma be on top of the world
    Cause my shits fire and my style preferred
    So kill me now cause I'm just dying to be heard
    I Met this chick named Holly, introduced her to wood
    Now I make her see stars and she makes me feel good
    Hood she satisfies my needs
    And she does more than just the regular things
    I cant have just any girl I need a bird who's a cannibal
    A chick that will eat another chick and for dessert she'll eat a cock or two (cockatoo)
    Maybe one day I'll settle down but baby not with you
    I'm on the road I got shows been known to rock a few
    Private show at your house okay I'll rock with you
    Good sex is the key but I don't wanna put a lock on you
    Don't wanna fall in love, get on one knee and put a rock on you
    Sucker for love, nah that's not what Scooby "Doo"

    Pause for another intermission
    A sex addict but please no intervention
    Lets switch it up though try a new position
    Last time was fun but lets try something different

    [Verse 3]
    Look at you girl, you way too fine
    She said "thanks boy you're way too kind"
    Where's your man "he's away doing time"
    Let me get to the point don't wanna waste your time
    Come to my crib since your man not around
    When you walk through the door leave your pants on ground
    Pull your shirt over ya head
    now come to my bed
    Bet you never had this much fun in a bed
    Killing ya shit like a gun in the bed
    Have you begging please like a gun to your head
    Sex game sick, dick dumb in the head
    Ain't done with you til you cum in my bed
    Multiple times, my sex gets you high
    Makes you feel like you did multiple lines
    She gives brain like she got multiple minds
    Leave you girl you must outta ya mind Show less
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