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    Right I just been in the academy looking at the Academy to see what they saying. So a lot o people who are trending on YoutTube they are how can I say, they come from a background of... Recording industry recording videos and its no surprise the tricks that they use are kind of the media People are used to, coming from an industry already used to making films and documentaries. Stuff like that so, it is good. And there are other people who years ago made it on YouTube dancing You know, pole dancing or whatever it is or just doing some silly dance. So that is interesting as well. So what would I say to someone who is coming to YouTube, I have been on YouTube or a few years now, I would say erm try it out after you have learned a few skills filming. Or just if you a good conversationalist person, you have a lot of friends online them bring them in to conversation and have a group conversation on Google Hangouts, that's what I would say to somebody coming to Google. Someone who just wants to try it out on YouTube. Or you could how can I say it. I think its a good way of exercising some sort of discipline, so whatever you are studying - whatever you are learning about - whatever your writing about and blogging about you can talk about that as well Whatever your surrounding is, if you got a camera which I am sure you have, if you haven't I sure you have a phone with a reasonable camera on it just take some pictures and don't make a fool of yourself, don't make a oil out of any body else, you don't wanna be stepping on anyone's toes, just as you wouldn't like to have your own toes stepped upon, what else? Do a CV, try that so go on I am going to try this I am going to add a photograph to my CV's And put on, delete anything else and just have a CV. Er Hum, think of it as a CV. Put yourself out there and show yourself in the best light. And you can add that particular video to Monster.com so then its a practical video, you could even add it to Linked In someplace, somewhere like that. Maybe create a whole separate channel for that CV so everything you add makes sense you know supportive o that particular pitch that you are making. Maybe make a few of them. You can have fifty gmail accounts somaybe at the particular job you are advertising for or... You could go on holiday with that in mind. I am just going to gather content or a new YouTube channel. Content to make a video. Just one video. And cut it when you get home. You might some sort of memory card on your phone so you got more memory, or if you got a camera, then you are going to get your money's worth so use that. Have a look in the camera have a look in the settings, see what different things you can add-on. There might be some media you can add into video, so you got something you can mashup when you get home. Somethings I have seen over the years which I do not notice as much now I do think is really positive way of crowd building, crowdsourcing is adding links to the bottom of your videos to other peoples channels so you are building a group which is great for... I seen it work for musicians, DJ's its the group mind, so check out my website its http://www.robert-bridge.mobi or http://www.robert-bridge.co.uk (Media Marketing Communications). Show less
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