• R.O.E. - "Beware" (Official Music Video)

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    From the 'To Happiness' EP available here: http://bit.ly/1SgdPs9
    As always - text me anytime: +1-312-313-0147

    Executive Producers: Marquis Simmons & R.O.E.
    Directed & Edited by: Marquis Simmons
    Visual Effects by: EIGMC

    Produced by J. Slikk
    Written by R.O.E.

    VERSE 1
    First Verse:
    I keep my eyes wide open
    Afraid to fall asleep
    I’m paranoid from these killers
    Trying to kill my dreams
    Is this the limelight or the laser beam
    Let off a shot
    They in for a rude awakening
    I'll never quit and that's with a hit or miss
    So lace them haters in Depends
    I know they super pissed
    They ready to double cross me like Judas kiss
    But let 'em know that I'm the truth
    And ignorance ain't bliss
    Although I know these killers got a plot for me
    Thinking of 2Pac'n me
    Robbing me
    For all my intellectual property
    Don't move sloppily
    You coming
    Better do it properly
    That red octagon the closest thing to ever stopping me
    The minute that my dreams and my walk align
    Two steps forward
    But I feel 'em creeping up behind
    For armed robbery
    They tryna steal my piece of mind
    But I hear the little voice inside
    Saying to watch out

    Watch out they coming for ya,
    Them dream killers
    They gunning for ya x4

    VERSE 2
    You seen what them dream killers did to Martin King
    And Malcolm Little got the same thing
    So now these killers trying to catch me
    With the same scheme
    Itchy palms being greased by the same cream
    Cash rules everything around me
    If you're young and black
    You got a government bounty
    They want me in the grave
    Or they want me in the county
    Let me see success
    But only what he allow me
    I never let it down me
    I persevere
    And show the whole world that I got a purpose here
    I stand out but I fit quite perfect here
    Doing it my way
    Not ways of the puppeteer
    Cuz Lauryn Hill told me I better watch out
    And showed me exactly what this game's about
    So I know if Imma take the same route
    Better be sure that I'm on the look out

    Watch out their coming for ya,
    Them dream killers
    They gunning for ya x4

    You better watch out,
    You better watch out
    You better look out
    You better look out (x4) Show less
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