• A Day in the Life of Federal Regulations

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    Can you name a single federal regulation? Probably not, but they're all around you, from the second you open your eyes in the morning.

    On this season of The Uncertain Hour, we unpack a ten-letter word that influences our lives every day, from the food we eat to the air we breathe: regulation. Federal regulations affect everything from what’s inside your peanut butter jar, to how the opioid crisis spread, to how we define crime in America. The Uncertain Hour dives deep to uncover what’s behind the origin of regulations in America, the red tape that shapes our democracy, and why it matters now. Because the things we fight the most about are the things we know the least about.

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    • This is Marketplace - 長さ: 3 分、18 秒。

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      American Public Media’s Marketplace is your liaison between economics and life, with clear explorations of how the news affects you. It’s innovative journalism and interesting voices that fit the e...
    • A Day in the Life of Federal Regulations - 長さ: 3 分。

      • 4 週間前
      • 視聴回数 1,103 回
      Can you name a single federal regulation? Probably not, but they're all around you, from the second you open your eyes in the morning.

      On this season of The Uncertain Hour, we unpack a ten-letter ...
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    • Houston cleanup efforts following Hurricane Harvey - 長さ: 61 秒。

      • 1 か月前
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      It's been more than seven weeks since Harvey made landfall in Texas. Here's what its like on the ground in Houston.
    • The race to develop the best self-driving car sensors is on - 長さ: 45 秒。

      • 2 か月前
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      Light detection and ranging tech could become a $7 trillion market. Who will become the main parts supplier?
    • Introducing Marketplace Tech with Molly Wood - 長さ: 53 秒。

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      Starting Sept. 5, Marketplace Tech moves to Silicon Valley and welcomes a new host. Molly Wood will help listeners understand the business behind the technology that’s rewiring our lives, from the ...
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    • Who are the winners and losers of globalization? - 長さ: 2 分、37 秒。

      • 3 か月前
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      Slow income growth among the middle class of rich countries like the U.S., Japan and Germany is widely attributed to globalization. A lack of upward mobility has been frustrating for many, leading ...
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    • The federal budget, explained - 長さ: 2 分、41 秒。

      • 3 か月前
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      Households and businesses do budgets all the time. So why can’t Congress manage to make one without drama? Marketplace Senior Reporter Kimberly Adams breaks down the overly-complicated process for ...
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    • fiduciary - 長さ: 2 分、58 秒。

      • 3 か月前
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      If you've ever worked in finance or accounting, or tried to invest any money, you've probably come across the word "fiduciary." Understanding what a fiduciary is, and what their responsibilities ar...
    • The trade deficit isn't as scary as you think - 長さ: 2 分、27 秒。

      • 5 か月前
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      The U.S. has a trade deficit — but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
    • The real problem with NAFTA, explained - 長さ: 2 分、27 秒。

      • 6 か月前
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      President Trump told The Economist he'd settle for less than he's demanding NAFTA negotiations. You could call that a reality check, or a back-pedaling of the promises that helped propel Trump to t...
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    • Let's do the numbers on our economic anxiety - 長さ: 2 分、34 秒。

      • 6 か月前
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      We launched our Marketplace-Edison Research Poll in October 2015 to track over time how Americans are really feeling about this economy. Today, we’re releasing our first snapshot under the Trump ad...
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    • ROBOT-PROOF JOBS with David Brancaccio - 長さ: 3 分、23 秒。

      • 7 か月前
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      Globalization and trade have transformed the American economy. But increasingly, the competition for jobs comes from inside our own borders, with automation, robots and artificial intelligence rapi...
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