• Nelipot Awakening - Why do we run from our problems?

    434 views 11 months ago
    An experimental film about how how structure, negative perceptions, and social isolation can impede on peace of mind. Shot on a limb with a Canon Rebel T3, a loose script, and great friends.

    Directed and edited by Victoria Duncan, Starring Michelle Bucci

    A teenage girl is dissatisfied with life and will not let family members get in the way of her goals. With a strict a strict schedule involving obsessive running, everything is going according to plan. However, an encounter with her boyfriend causes her to have a meltdown, altering her views on the world and question 'What makes life worth living?'

    Trevor Fillingame
    Tyler Bucci
    Toby Duncan
    William Duncan
    Catherine Duncan

    Production assistant - Brian Shapiro Show less
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