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  • don't believe a word i say (original song): peda 6

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    is it too late to say hello
    i was just thinkin that i dont want you to go
    i’ve got some lilac lullabies

    i’ll whisper you to sleep
    trust me, little girl
    your secrets, i will keep
    no matter how you fight it
    my name beats in the echo in your skull

    darling i’d never lie to you
    but oh i’d never tell you the truth

    i’m the monster under your bed
    can you feel the impending sense of dread
    as i crawl up the fire escape into your head

    an ominous quiet
    there’s ice in the air
    and when you wake up
    there’ll be nobody there
    nobody there

    sweetie wear that
    dress i like
    we can tiptoe hand in hand through the night
    share a bottle of champagne
    i’ll sing you sweet things, sweet things
    sweet things sweet things

    your face glows in the moonlight
    you’re too pretty, i don’t wanna fight


    don’t believe a word i say

    don’t believe a word i say, babe
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