• Yugioh Duel: Batteryman vs Hunder (Single Round)

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    The roar of thunder could be heard all across the land as the mighty lightning struck again and again. The storm was fierce and uncontrollable; and it was heading their way. The Hunder family was miles between villages and with no safe haven; they were trekking south when the storm came out of nowhere. All they could do now was prepare for the what they were about to face.

    Wet and shaking from the rain and cold; the little girl looked up and said, "Ma, are we going to die?"

    The mother looked down at her daughter and with fear in her eyes whispered, "No baby, this is nothing. We are going to be just fine," she turned to her husband and continued, "Pa is gonna find us some place safe to hide till this storm passes by," and with that she took the young girls arm and pulled her close.

    The father of the Hunder family was looking through the forest trying to something, anything they could use for shelter when he spotted a cave. It was a Godsend. He raced back to his wife and daughter that were waiting by the wagon on the main trail. He told them to leave all their belongings and journey back with him to the cave.

    As they entered the cave, they soon realized just how enormous it was. There were caverns that seem to stretch deep into the darkness.

    The little girl looked up to her father and asked, "What is this place Pa?"

    Just then the father noticed something odd on one of the walls of the cavern. It was a torch. He quickly lit it and it illuminated another torch that seemed to light up on its own. Then another and another and another. A stream of lit torches appeared; lighting a way deep into the cave.

    The Hunder family followed the torches which seem to lead them to a shrine. It was massive with ancient writing craved into the stone pillars that lined around the shrine. In the center was a statue unlike any they have ever seen and above the shrine, craved through the stone of the mountain was a passage leading to the sky outside.

    Rain poured hard down upon the statue that lied in the center of the opening. As the Hunders approached the statue. A flash of lightning shot down through the passageway and struck the statue but instead of exploding; it began to move. Its outer rock surface began to break away revealing its true form.

    There before them stood a being dressed in blue and yellow. Then out of nowhere electricity started shooting out of it, and it spoke, "I am the Thunder King of Rai-Oh, and I have been waiting for you a long time, Hunder Family...." Show less
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