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    Rare birds, Allison Crowe and Band, set free on-stage with Sia’s anthem for all of us who don’t care if we sing off-key...

    First heard from the sensational live recording of Allison Crowe and Band – captured recently at LSPU Hall in St. John’s, Newfoundland – is “Verses”. Paul Mercs Concerts, the great Canadian event presenters since 1991, kindly shared this track, posting: “Bravo Allison & Co! Beautiful & whimsical as always, got us jigg'n!”

    This next song recording from the same show delivers some choruses! After their wardrobe hijinks, the band returns to the stage and soar with their cover of Sia’s uniquely anthemic “Bird Set Free”.

    Musicians Allison Crowe (vocals, piano, guitar, fiddle, bodhran), Céline Sawchuk (cello, vocals), Sarah White (mandolin, guitar, vocals), Dave Baird (bass, vocals) & Keelan Purchase (accordion, 12-string guitar, bodhran, harmonica, vocals) banded together on the lovely isle of Newfoundland for sessions and shows.

    For a flock of creators who live, literally, all over the map it’s a rare chance to slow the world a bit. “We had time to experiment, and think more about the larger picture musically,” says bassist & birder Dave. “It’s only the beginning. It’s just the first we’ve had opportunity to work the music out without much time restraint. It was fun, relaxed, and productive.”

    Melding into one sound and performance experience the rawest of folk roots and the richest of arena rock – that barely begins to describe the originality and freshness of the quintet’s music and personality.

    Debuting at Corner Brook, NL’s Rotary Arts Centre, RAC Theatre Co-ordinator Brad Randell observes, “The performance was absolutely magical.”

    Rolling across the rock, captured fresh at the LSPU (Longshoremen's Protective Union) Hall in St. John's, NL, Canada – it’s music that’s food for the soul and fun for all.

    Alick Tsui, the truly remarkable SJ-based photographer, was able to attend Act 1 (the band’s NL concerts formed around one set in which Allison played guitar or fiddle, and, post-intermission, a second set of songs founded on Allison’s piano tunes) – and Alick captured some iconic images of Allison, Céline, Sarah, Dave & Keelan.

    Fortune’s present audio-wise, and Allison’s SD (memory) card is filled with tracks to be mined and enjoyed. Sláinte!

    "Welcome to Us 1", the concert’s first act, presents the brilliant bi-coastal band's more guitar-and-fiddle-centric tunes – live: http://music.allisoncrowe.c......

    "Welcome to Us 2", the concert’s second act, features the group's more piano-centric tunes – and encore – live: http://music.allisoncrowe.c......

    "Welcome to Us Banter Bits" includes any chat, laughter, applause not found on the "Welcome to Us" albums on iTunes et al. A free download to complement the concert music: http://music.allisoncrowe.c......

    For our video wrapper here – hearty thanks to Alick Tsui Photography and Mind Palace Design. Show less
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  • Tidings - Allison Crowe Play all

    A dozen performances of songs from Allison Crowe's "Tidings" album/CD - plus a selection of vids from the annual television special of the same name.
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  • Chanson et Lumière ~ Songs + Film Play all

    Songs of Allison Crowe accompany the cinematic visions of Georges Méliès, Dimitri Kirsanoff, Nadia Sibirskaia, Salvador Dali, Dominique Monfréy, Grigori Aleksandrov, Sergei Eisenstein, Josef von Sternberg, D.W. Griffith, Buster Keaton, Max Fleischer and more. Music and movies re-imagined.
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  • Spiral - Allison Crowe Play all

    Follow the yellow-brick road of song, cinematic in scope, visceral in nature, thinking, feeling, courageous and fun - rock, pop, folk, soul, roots.

    Here be the 14 songs/tracks that together make Allison's Crowe's newest album/CD, "Spiral".
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  • Heavy Graces Play all

    "Heavy Graces" is a new song set from Allison Crowe - and with this collection she's writing, singing, playing piano, guitar, doing percussion, engineering and production, album art, photography -- and, for the first-time ever, adding fiddle to her palette!

    "Heavy Graces", an album which includes new songs from the pen and soul of Allison Crowe, alongside her interpretations of tunes composed by Leonard Cohen and Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder.


    Allison Crowe enjoys working with today's film directors -- this year, Tom Anton on "The Pardon", and Zack Snyder for "Man of Steel" -- and their amazing production teams. Via online videos, there's now opportunity for artistry and fun to combine music and movies from an earlier era.

    Songs in this collection from the Canadian artist are accompanied visually by a series of excerpts from silent and classic b/w films from directors D.W. Griffith, Josef von Sternberg, Buster Keaton and Clyde Bruckman.
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  • Newfoundland Vinyl Play all

    Here's the music from Allison Crowe's "Newfoundland Vinyl" LP, the 11th release on Rubenesque Records Ltd. - plus "Tarry Trousers" - a song from the newest edition of the hit stage show:


    As Musical Director for TNL's production of "Newfoundland Vinyl: The Flip Side" at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival, the Canadian musician, born in Nanaimo, BC, on the Pacific, is active now in her Atlantic setting, curating and arranging songs for this Summer's GMTF cast.

    It's a rich and varied collection harvested from the island region's popular music and oral traditions. The album's 10 tracks traverse parlour songs to country tunes and folk favourites, songs of land and sea that share the strength and the struggles, the joys, heartbreaks and the humour of people.

    As well as being a premiere songwriter, musician and performer of original material, Crowe's recognized as one of the great modern interpreters of song - via her internationally-acclaimed and much-loved versions of songs by Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, and plenty more greats - Allison Crowe's singular performances deliver familiar and much-loved songs afresh and with renewed joy.

    Crowe's just returned to her home in Corner Brook, NL, after attending the World Premiere in New York City of "Man of Steel", the Zack Snyder-directed Superman epic in which she has a cameo - as a musician performing "Ring of Fire", a song made famous by Johnny Cash. MoS is currently the #1 box office draw on planet Earth. (Had things not gone so wrong on Krypton, it'd surely be a smashing success there as well.) Next she rolls on to Cow Head, in Gros Morne National Park -- and says:

    "I am so grateful to have been asked by Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador, two years in a row, to put together songs and musically direct for a show called 'Newfoundland Vinyl'. As part of the Gros Morne Theatre Festival, I get to work with extremely talented and fun people each Summer in a gorgeous setting - Cow Head, NL. From the vast and encyclopaedic sea of beautiful music to come from, and out of, Newfoundland and Labrador, here is a collection of some of the songs from this year's show."


    The GMTF season runs May through September each year in beautiful Gros Morne National Park. "Newfoundland Vinyl", conceived and directed by Jeff Pitcher and musically directed by Allison Crowe, is a perennial festival favourite. Check each Spring for the season calendar - and for word on when Vinyl is next on the boards!
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  • Popular uploads Play all

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  • Souling Play all

    Allison Crowe’s gorgeous voice brings tidings of comfort and joy with “Souling” – her 11th full album release.

    The artist, one of our greatest living musicians, singer-songwriters and performers, has always created authentic music.

    With this newest song set her voice is heard wholly a cappella.

    The songs themselves have a purity of expression – a 21st century take on music of faith and spirit – sounds and themes aired by carollers and soulers of old.

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