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    • Invisibility Cloak Findings at Duke University - Duración: 3 minutos, 12 segundos.

      • Hace 11 años
      • 572.028 visualizaciones
      A team led by scientists at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering has demonstrated the first working "invisibility cloak." The cloak deflects microwave beams so they flow around a "hidden" ...
    • Baboon Dads Have Surprising Influences on Offspring - Duración: 2 minutos, 7 segundos.

      • Hace 9 años
      • 393.546 visualizaciones
      Polygamous baboon fathers get more grandchildren if they spend a little time with their children during their juvenile years, according to research directed by scientists at Duke and Princeton univ...
    • Duke University Professor Teaches About the Brain on Drugs - Duración: 2 minutos, 12 segundos.

      • Hace 9 años
      • 133.978 visualizaciones
      Duke University professor Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom and colleague Gayle Gross de Nunez (http://brainpainter.com) created an animated video to explain the neuroscience of drugs. Excerpts from "Animat...
    • Mind Control Monkey Moves Robot in Japan - Duración: 2 minutos, 20 segundos.

      • Hace 9 años
      • 110.304 visualizaciones
      In a first-of-its-kind experiment, the brain activity of a monkey has been used to control the real-time walking patterns of a robot halfway around the world, according to researchers at Duke Unive...
    • Duke University "Blue Devil" Mascot Tryouts - Duración: 2 minutos, 7 segundos.

      • Hace 10 años
      • 59.557 visualizaciones
      Duke University students audition to become the "Blue Devil" mascot that entertains crowds at sports games. Learn more at http://www.goduke.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=4200&......
    • Deep Water Camouflage - Duración: 83 segundos.

      • Hace 6 años
      • 59.229 visualizaciones
      A squid and an ocotpus that dwell 600 to 1000 meters deep in the open
      ocean are able to switch between transparent or opaque to evade different
    • The Art of Hip-Hop Sampling at Duke University - Duración: 2 minutos, 38 segundos.

      • Hace 10 años
      • 58.390 visualizaciones
      Grammy Award-winning producer Ninth Wonder explained his craft of record sampling at an event the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University. Professors Mark Anothony Neal from Duke and Kawachi Clemon...
    • DNA Lab on a Chip - Duración: 76 segundos.

      • Hace 9 años
      • 43.622 visualizaciones
      Researchers at Duke University foresee devices no bigger than a wristwatch replacing the table-top sized machinery now used for monitoring enzymes in the bloodstream or measuring harmful chemicals ...
    • Lessons from the Mbira at Duke University - Duración: 2 minutos, 58 segundos.

      • Hace 9 años
      • 38.397 visualizaciones
      Duke students learn a new African instrument and a new way of learning.
    • John Hope Franklin on Obama Nomination - Duración: 91 segundos.

      • Hace 9 años
      • 36.814 visualizaciones
      Professor John Hope Franklin sees America turning a significant corner in the nomination of Sen. Barack Obama.
    • Bonobos Like to Share - Duración: 93 segundos.

      • Hace 7 años
      • 36.463 visualizaciones
      Food-sharing experiments done at Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary, Kinshasa,
      Democratic Republic of Congo. Brian Hare and Vanessa Woods, Duke
    • Malaria Resistance in Baboons - Duración: 52 segundos.

      • Hace 8 años
      • 33.686 visualizaciones
      Primate's genes have same adaptation as humans'. Learn more at http://biology.duke.edu/albertslab and http://genome.duke.edu
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    • Science with a Cyborg Peahen - Duración: 92 segundos.

      • Hace 4 años
      • 6.684 visualizaciones
      Eye-tracking miniature video cameras are showing researchers precisely
      what a female peafowl is looking at when a peacock displays his
      elaborate tail during courtship.
    • Hibernation Isn't Just for Bears - Duración: 93 segundos.

      • Hace 4 años
      • 5.559 visualizaciones
      Two new species of dwarf lemurs have been found hibernating during the lean months of winter in Eastern Magascar. Scientific Reports, May 2, 2013. An interview with researcher Marina Blanco, PhD, w...
    • On Flipping the Classroom - Duración: 71 segundos.

      • Hace 4 años
      • 961 visualizaciones
      Duke professor Laura Lieber discusses the benefits of team-based learning and the flipped classroom teaching concept.
    • Real Angry Birds Flip 'the Bird' Before a Fight - Duración: 98 segundos.

      • Hace 4 años
      • 25.834 visualizaciones
      Male sparrows are capable of fighting to the death. But a new study shows that they often wave their wings wildly first in an attempt to avoid a dangerous brawl.
    • Bonobos Prefer to Share with Strangers - Duración: 70 segundos.

      • Hace 4 años
      • 8.841 visualizaciones
      An experiment with Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary animals in Kinshasa shows they will share with a stranger before sharing with an animal they know. "Bonobos Share with Strangers," PLoS One, Jan. 2, 2013...
    • Male peacock demonstrates the 'hoot dash display.' - Duración: 43 segundos.

      • Hace 4 años
      • 29.099 visualizaciones
      Duke evolutionary biologist Jessica Yorzinski is curious about the loud vocalization a male peacock makes just before mating. It should call predators in, but instead it calls in other peahens.
    • Grains Bear Brunt of Missile and Meteorite Impacts - Duración: 2 minutos, 31 segundos.

      • Hace 4 años
      • 6.620 visualizaciones
      High-speed video of projectiles slamming into a bed of disks has given scientists a new microscopic picture of the way a meteorite or missile transfers the energy of its impact to sand and dirt gra...
    • Slideshow: Deep-sea, bottom-dwellers give off their own glow - Duración: 2 minutos, 18 segundos.

      • Hace 5 años
      • 3.021 visualizaciones
      Critters living on the sea floor give off less of their own light than creatures floating in the open ocean at the same depths, according to new research by Duke biologist Sönke Johnsen. Here are s...
    • Empathy and Understanding - Duración: 52 segundos.

      • Hace 5 años
      • 685 visualizaciones
      Duke University Professor Peter Burian discusses the value of a humanities education.
    • Professor Michael Malone Impersonates Charles Dickens - Duración: 2 minutos, 50 segundos.

      • Hace 5 años
      • 545 visualizaciones
      Malone dresses up as Dickens to read from the author's fiction in celebration of his 200th birthday at an event February 8, 2012, in Duke University's Rare Book Room.
    • Invisible Walls - Duración: 104 segundos.

      • Hace 5 años
      • 579 visualizaciones
      Professor Robin Kirk talks about the invisible walls discussed in her BorderWork(s) lab at Duke University.
    • Not-So-Lanky Lizards - Duración: 110 segundos.

      • Hace 5 años
      • 1.743 visualizaciones
      Duke Biologist Manuel Leal and his colleagues released pairs of lizards onto the small keys surrounding the Bahamas. The scientists are testing evolution, watching for signs of natural selection an...
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