• A brief history of NAFTA

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    We’re taking a look back to how NAFTA came to be in the first place. President Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law, so he gets most of the credit or blame — depending on where you’re coming from. But the idea of NAFTA actually got its first big boost with another president. 折りたたむ
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    • The trade deficit isn't as scary as you think - 長さ: 2 分、27 秒。

      • 4 週間前
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      The U.S. has a trade deficit — but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
    • The real problem with NAFTA, explained - 長さ: 2 分、27 秒。

      • 1 か月前
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      President Trump told The Economist he'd settle for less than he's demanding NAFTA negotiations. You could call that a reality check, or a back-pedaling of the promises that helped propel Trump to t...
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    • Let's do the numbers on our economic anxiety - 長さ: 2 分、34 秒。

      • 1 か月前
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      We launched our Marketplace-Edison Research Poll in October 2015 to track over time how Americans are really feeling about this economy. Today, we’re releasing our first snapshot under the Trump ad...
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    • ROBOT-PROOF JOBS with David Brancaccio - 長さ: 3 分、23 秒。

      • 2 か月前
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      Globalization and trade have transformed the American economy. But increasingly, the competition for jobs comes from inside our own borders, with automation, robots and artificial intelligence rapi...
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    • What would a Justice Gorsuch mean for American business? - 長さ: 3 分、9 秒。

      • 3 か月前
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      Democrats say they will filibuster a vote to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. During his hearings, they highlighted rulings where he favored companies over workers.
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    • Let's do the numbers on U.S. trade with Canada - 長さ: 116 秒。

      • 3 か月前
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      Did you know that the United States exported $226,000,000,000 in goods to Canada last year? We do the numbers on our trade relationship with our northern neighbors.
    • A brief history of NAFTA - 長さ: 2 分、46 秒。

      • 3 か月前
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      We’re taking a look back to how NAFTA came to be in the first place. President Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law, so he gets most of the credit or blame — depending on where you’re coming from. Bu...
    • Who's Andy Puzder? - 長さ: 111 秒。

      • 4 か月前
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      President Donald Trump named Puzder as his secretary of labor two months ago, but his confirmation hearing has been delayed four times — reportedly due to his business ties. We take a look at what ...
    • Make Me Smart with Kai and Molly - Marketplace Podcast - 長さ: 71 秒。

      • 5 か月前
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      Make Me Smart with Kai and Molly is a podcast about the economy, technology and culture. Hosts Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood will use their expertise to connect the dots on the topics they know best, ...
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    • Business ties within Trump's new administration - 長さ: 2 分、10 秒。

      • 5 か月前
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      Who are the corporate leaders picked to serve in President-elect Donald Trump's administration? We follow the connections and the money.
    • Evictions on rise as renters struggle - 長さ: 103 秒。

      • 6 か月前
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      Three million families were evicted from their homes last year. But the number could be double that, according to real-estate company Redfin.

      Read our full story on the struggles renters are faci...
    • EPA's late changes to fracking study downplay risk of drinking water pollution - 長さ: 117 秒。

      • 6 か月前
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      APM Reports and Marketplace found that a five-year EPA study, which examined hydraulic fracturing’s impact on drinking water, was changed at the last minute to downplay the risk of pollution.

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