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In this playlist you'll find my newest Prank videos on HoomanTV! I'm a crazy Prankster and post a new prank every week! Here you'll find my hilarious Shampoo Pranks , my comical Gold Digger Pranks , my silly and whimsical Picking Up Girl Pranks , and my classic , humorous Bathroom Pranks , and even a few touching , heartwarming , Social Experiments ! Here is a little about each one of my funny , viral , Prank series ! As a crazy prankster , joker or whatever you want to call me I am known mostly for my viral Shampoo Pranks where I travel all around Los Angeles , California to all the local beaches hoping to find random , unsuspecting strangers who are taking a shower in public and shampooing their hair so I can prank them by putting more Shampoo to their head without them noticing! Some of these strangers include hot , bikini girls who just finished tanning and want to take a quick shower and some may be super buff bodybuilders who just finished going on a run! Either way the reactions are always hysterical and never fail to make those watching laugh ! So far I have done 9 parts for my shampoo pranks! Part 1 and Part 2 of my shampoo pranks are the original ones but as we get to Part 3 I start to add a twist to each prank ! For the following parts the gag still revolves around the idea of me adding more soap and shampoo to the person's head as they are washing themselves in the public showers but each video has a new twist ! Part 3 is fake blood edition , Part 4 was also a fake blood edition but on girls only! Part 5 was fake hair edition , Part 6 was fake police officer edition where I hired a movie cop to give fake tickets to the people I was pranking ! Part 7 was cold water edition , Part 8 was itching powder edition , and part 9 was yet another regular Shampoo Prank ! Thankfully the people I was pranking for each of these videos found the gag laughable and humorous and didn't kick my butt but some reactions still get pretty close to making the gag gone wrong! I recommend you watch this series if you are looking for a quick giggle ! My Gold Digger Pranks are comical videos of me approaching unsuspecting hot girls in public , attempting to get their phone number looking homeless , poor , ugly or just shy to see if they will do it. Then I will try the same girl using the same pickup line but this time with me driving an exotic car like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari ! Watch to find out! Pretty silly way to catch a gold digger right? I personally find my gold digger pranks the most entertaining and amusing to watch out of all my videos because they're actually based on real problems with our society! HoomanTV is mostly known for these 2 series but there are other pranks I have done in the past that may have not gotten as much views but are still lively , and laughable ! My 2nd oldest series are my Picking Up Girl Pranks ! These are hysterical and fun videos of me going to colleges , malls and schools to hit on and try to pick up random girls using playful , hilarious pickup lines. In some videos my goal would be do look as stupid and goofy as possible and get the girl by saying funny jokes to make her laugh and in some videos I'd just to prank my way into getting her phone number while the candid camera was recording from far away! While filming these videos I learned that confidence helps attract girls but comedy works even better! No girl can say no to the prankster with a entertaining sense of comedy and a handful of well thought of jokes ! Next I'd like to introduce you to my Bathroom Pranks series where I hide on the toilet inside public restrooms waiting for people to enter so i can ask kindly ask them for a piece of toilet paper because my toilet ran out before then putting some Nutella on their hand causing them to think it's poop ! My bathroom prank funnies will definitely make you chuckle , or giggle if not laugh hysterically ! Being a prankster I'm always thinking of the next silly, funny joke to turn into a viral prank so you should subscriber and stay tuned for my next video of me joking with random strangers for another Shampoo Prank or maybe expose a few married Gold Diggers for another Catching Gold Diggers Prank !

About this channel: Hi, My name is Hooman Nouri and I am the creator of Hooman TV ! In this comedy YouTube channel you can find candid camera pranks , hysterical picking up girl videos , crazy , hilarious public bathroom pranks , heartwarming and meaningful social experiments and more entertaining videos I filmed in California. Some of my most viral videos are my Shampoo Prank series and my Catching Gold Digger Pranks! I have a goofy , silly , jolly sense of humor and my own taste in comedy ! Whether you are bored and want a quick chuckle , giggle or simply just want to laugh out loud lay back , grab a drink and watch a few of my playlists ! Also subscribe so you don't miss my future videos!
In this playlist you'll find my newest Prank videos on HoomanTV! I'm a crazy Prankster and post a new prank every week! Here you'll find my hilarious Shampoo Pranks , my comical Gold Digger Pranks , my silly and whimsical Picking Up Gi...
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