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In this playlist you can watch all my hilarious bathroom pranks! This is my first viral series on YouTube and includes my first ever pranks that went viral! I have done 17 different bathroom pranks so far for you to watch and get a quick chuckle or laugh out of! Here is how the bathroom pranks candid camera gags work and how the unsuspecting strangers get pranked ! I being the crazy prankster , evil joker and stupid comedian that I am hide in public bathrooms sitting and waiting right on the toilet in the stalls ! Once I hear someone come into the restroom I casually ask them over the stalls if they could be nice enough to hand me some toilet papers ! Once the strangers reaches underneath the stall to hand me the toilet paper I then rub some Nutella on their hand making them think it's poop ! After getting pranked and not knowing it's a prank their reactions are hysterical and hilarious and I must admit very entertaining ! While filming the 17 different public bathroom pranks I have I've twisted things around many times to change the joke and add a new twist to the prank ! For example I didn't always use just Nutella ! In these bathroom pranks I have used fake pee , fake blood , I have used fake puke and throw up , I have used fake cum aka semen , I have a few times used a fake doll head to make it look like I was taking a sneak peak into the other toilet stalls being used by an strangers , I have used fake diarrhea , I have used an air horn while the people next to me were peeing or pooping then were scared hysterically by the sound , one time I even had my friend tori help me with doing a girl version for the bathroom prank by using a dildo to scare girls in the girl's bathroom and the reactions on that one were super humorous and comical ! Whether you want a quick laugh , a quick chuckle or a giggle I recommend you watch the bathroom pranks in this playlist as they are one of my all time pranks series I have ever done on this comedy YouTube channel ! Another entertaining playlist to watch on HoomanTV are my super hysterical , viral shampoo pranks ! These pranks will for sure entertain you as they in my opinion are very amusing and funny to watch. Here is how the joke works and here is how the strangers get pranked ! As the king of all pranksters of YouTube I've had to find the best city and place to film my pranks in and after long days of pranking I finally found the best place. Los Angeles , California beaches ! Such a fun , playful place full of lively people! I would go around the beach to find people who are using the public showers to rinse off or take a shower and I would look for the ones that have soap or shampoo with them! I would sneak up behind them and as they are washing off their own shampoos off their hair I would slowly add more soap and shampoo to their hair from my own shampoo ! After a few more minutes of struggling to wash the soap off their hair the people I'm pranking with this crazy joke start to freak out and wonder why this magical shampoo is not washing off their hair ! They have no clue that they are the victims of jokes for a funny candid camera show! The Shampoo Pranks too have many different twists to them. I have done 9 different Shampoo Pranks so far! Thankfully most of the people I pranker takes the jokes as nothing but a joke and find it playful , and amusing but once in a while there has been that one scary , big bodybuilder that just wasn't having it who then chased me around the beach until he finally tackled me and kicked my butt ! I'm a pretty funny comedian and I'm damn good at being a prankster but my humor still isn't as good as the humor of all of you combined! If you have a fun idea you would like to suggest do so by commenting it under one of my bathroom pranks ! Another silly , amusing and funny pranks series of mine that is sure to entertain you and make you smile are my gold digger pranks ! These videos never fail to be laughable and humorous because one they are comical but most importantly because they are about real issues in our society which is how people love money way too much to the point where at times they value it more than their marriage , husband , or loyalty ! Another silly and laughable series I have are my picking up girls pranks where I use humor , comedy and my crazy whimsical jokes to try and get a hot girl's phone number ! They videos are pure comedy as they show me have fun while being awkward and silly talking to random college girls ! If you're looking for a quick giggle watching me joking with these girls is definitely the way to go.

About this channel: Hi, My name is Hooman Nouri and I am the creator of Hooman TV ! In this comedy YouTube channel you can find candid camera pranks , hysterical picking up girl videos , crazy , hilarious public bathroom pranks , heartwarming and meaningful social experiments and more entertaining videos I filmed in California.
In this playlist you can watch all my hilarious bathroom pranks! This is my first viral series on YouTube and includes my first ever pranks that went viral! I have done 17 different bathroom pranks so far for you to watch and get a quick chuckle o...
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