imortalone's -some shock rock/nu-metal kinda fealing playlist.. Professor prestome ungyobrock Compilation

imortalones some shock rock/nu-metal kinda fealing playlist contains:

check out complayilation of music MIX:

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Anyways this playlist is quite visual - rock on - This Playlist has been around since 2010 - About 6K Views - The Songs that supposed to be here are:::

Element A440: Perfect, dance dead, burn it down. God Damn Live Washington.. Louie G God Hates Fags Tour... for the exclusive 2 first element a440 videos the share links are here and

Kittie: paper doll, brackish, whisper of death, charlotte

Marilyn Manson: dope hat, burning flag, down in the park, saint, this is halloween, no reflection, apple of sodom, live 1990 stuff and stuff ft godhead and nine inch nails

Queen of the damned sound track: before im dead, redeemer, penetrate


Seasons after: cry little sister

Slipknot: virus of life

deathgaze: sorrow. ring the deathknell. blood. genocide and mass murder.

Ultra spank: fired

static x: im with stupid, the only.

media lab: pull, save me, my perfect storm

orgy: feind, stitches

rob zombie: lords of salem, dragula

lolipoplustkill - kill greedy, like a disease, black all over.

Maximum The Hormone - Bikini Sports Ponchin, Zetsubou Billy, whats up people(Death Note Opening)

wetbed - 8 ball

korn - clown, ball tounge, appears, Im the One,, Let the guilt go.. Rotting in Vain.. A different World ft Slipknot..

black flood diesel - nothing like me

otep: sepsis, my confession. Confrontation.. Fists Fall. Battle Ready.. Filthee

ROB ZOMBIE - Dragula... Lords of Salem

The Band::: dope - burn. so real.. So Low

no one - its real

Lolipop Lust Kill - Illk Kill Greedy.. Like a Disease

drowning pool - told u so. mute.. Reminded..

finger eleven - say and drown. drag u down.

american pearl - seven years. revelation.

deftones: my own summer. bored. engine number 9.

dir en grey - garbage. red soil. repetition of hatred Live.. Vanitas.. Gauze... Mazohyst of Decadence Uncensored.. Garbage..

hellfire society - run rabbit run. angel.

the blank theory - corporation. invisible.

Coal Chamber - loco. blisters. untrue.

system of a down - sugar. needles

powerman 5000 - when worlds collide. super nova goes pop.

Hellfire Society - Angel.. Run Rabbit Run

The Blank Theory - Corporation.. Invisible

rackets and drapes - love with a fist (removed Track)... on your knees. home sweet home.

murderdolls - nowhere. my dark place alone. die my bride.

the beautiful disaster - salt. kill the sad songs.

skinflick - fuck buddy, pretty little halo, belief..

one eyed doll: monster, brief candle, be my friend, committed.. Monster. Halloween Tour 2015.

Fiend: Forgive Me, dream, soundtrack to my life, eclipse, the moth

Adema - Freaking Out... Immortal

Girugämesh: Volcano, break dawn.. Ultimate 4

Dazzel Vision: VISION, Like I'm not real, second.. Shikbetsu.. Evolution..

The Iris - Assfist. Ad Nauseam

Sun of A Starve - Tumbling Dice

Sen - Hold Me DOWN

40 Below Summer - Taxi Cab Confession.. A Season In Hell

Gevolt - Turm Balalaika.. Tshirbim Tshirbom.

Nega - Fable in cold Bed..

Euzen - Judged By

The Cruxshadows - Valykrie

Phantamagoria - Lost In Thought

Earshot - Tongue Tied.. Wait

Jack off Jill - Strawberry Gashes

Primer 55 - Loose.. All in the family

Sun of a Starve: Hexagram,
Tumbling Dice

Disturbed - Fire it up

Scape Goat - Gisei

Decays - Secret Mode

Hollywood Undead - Disease

Arlequin - namida No Ato

Ling Tosite Sigure - Tornado G

Secret No. 03

Mejibray - Die Kusse.. raven.. Eiki.

Born - Spiral Lie

Device (Disturbed+Serj tankin) - Out of Line

Aliaj - Mah E Kaghazi - Iranian Metal Band
imortalones some shock rock/nu-metal kinda fealing playlist contains:

check out complayilation of music MIX:

For History Reads: Check Out the text:
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