hi there. (;

hi there. (;

im joni.
if we're friends and i get annoyed at you, don't worry, i'll probably forget 5 minutes later. i don't hold gruges. i like to edit photos of people. i'm a downright nerd. 8] i actually love the mighty boosh and think noel fielding is the sexist man alive. i srsly adore patrick stump. can you feel the love? i can. me and oonagh have sexy time 'fore music. i quote movies WAY too much. im a bebo creeper. can you forgive? don't give me a compliment, i won't accept it, as most of my friends know. because, i'm cool like that. my mom wont let me switch to t-mobile, ahh. i like customizing things, and making them my own. my homework diary is the shiz. (; theres a new person called a "woni", and my friends know who it is. you can find me on nearly any social networking website as joniJEALOUSY. sure, if yer a randomer, you can ask for my msn, and leave me a comment. (; i love my friends, and they're all so gorgeous; it makes me depressed. D;
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