Hello everyone. I'm an just a British atheist faggot with yellow crooked teeth. Many know me as a liar and homosexual. This is quite true...
Hello everyone. I'm an just a British atheist faggot with yellow crooked teeth. Many know me as a liar and homosexual. This is quite true. I am a lying homosexual atheist cunt who uses YouTube 24/7. I have no education and often spell things incorrectly because I was never taught proper English despite being raised in that godforsaken country.

Booste30 is my homosexual brother. I WANT ANAL WITH HIM NOW!


Hahajodog was PWNT by me and meangirl3 and Arpenetmale are SUSPENDED!

KKY's mother being analed:


Do you enjoy being brutally anal raped and penetrated till you shit and fart uncontrollably like me? Then this channel is for you!

I love the cock. I love it pumping in and out of my sweaty anus. Pull up a stall and regal us with your homosexual fantasies and stories. Mine begin when I was a wee boy - 2 years old to be precise. I heard my father and mother arguing and then they rushed up the stairs and grabbed me. My mother shredded my clothes off and my father spread my legs open and then they performed the 69 on me. I was fucked brutally, spat on and scatted on and I LOVED IT! They anal fucked me hard. I was fist fucked and all sorts of toys were stuck into my holes. The room we had sex in began to smell of shit, spunk and sweat and I was invigorated. After an hour, my father and mother went to have a bath and I lay on the bed eagerly awaiting the next round and I got it. I was forced to stick my tongue up my mother's smelly anus after she shitted to eat all the nuts as my father fucked me and masturbated me off simultaneously. 

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And let's never forget Grandpa Unca - HE BRUTALLY FUCKED ME LIKE THERE WAS NO TOMORROW. 

He would read me stories of all the American heroes and I would masturbate myself off at their manliness. Then he would slowly climb into my bed and fuck me and I would imagine I was being fucked by an American hero as I sucked on his liver spots. 

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9/11 was a inside job done by the godless Americans to kill their own godless people. Seeing those godless faggots fall from the towers with their turkey necks being pulled back by gravity was funny.


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